The United States has one of the highest rates of high cholesterol in the world today.  The public is misinformed that high triglycerides and high cholesterol are the causes of heart attacks and the narrowing of the blood vessels.  The truth is that there is a dysfunction in the body that impairs its ability to efficiently breakdown, metabolize or absorb lipoproteins (cholesterol).  This impairment causes cholesterol to rise in the blood, which often results in hypertension or worse heart attacks.

Western medical science does not make it a point to address the root causes of cholesterol accumulation; instead, it is merely there to offer people medications that relieve the symptoms.  What usually cause the poor functioning of cholesterol absorption or breakdown are the physiological factor and nutritional choices of the individual.  The body’s metabolism slows down as people reach the age of 40 and poor metabolism almost always leads to inefficient cholesterol breakdown.  Added to that, eating junk and fatty foods adds more to cholesterol intake, which the body has to deal with eventually.    Instead of trying to find ways to help the body’s metabolism work optimally, Western medicine instead manufactures statin medications laden with very harmful toxins that cause serious side effects, which merely addresses the symptoms.  Acupuncture Palm Harbor and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offer a better way to solve this health problem without the risk of any side effects.

Nutritional/dietary and lifestyle modifications are very important in the reduction of one’s cholesterol.  If the body is already inefficiently absorbing cholesterol, it is probably a good time to assist one’s body by not adding more substances that burdens it even more.

For those with high triglycerides or high cholesterol a good way to help the body is to consume foods rich in fiber such as bran and oats, fruits, low cholesterol foods such as fresh water fish and garlic or garlic supplements.  Garlic is very effective in lowering one’s cholesterol level.  Tea, green, black or oolong, is also a very healthy non-cholesterol beverage.  Minerals and vitamins such as niacin, lecithin, chromium picolinate and omega 3 fish oils among others also help decrease cholesterol in the body.  Substances and foods to avoid when one has high cholesterol include the aforementioned greasy/fatty foods, red meats, cheese, beer, tobacco and soda.  Plant sterols also help in cholesterol reduction by helping the intestines reabsorb the accumulated cholesterol for excretion from the body.

Acupuncture and herbal remedies essentially addresses not only the symptoms of high cholesterol and its consequences (hypertension, etc.) but the underlying factors as well. After two or three months of treatment, the patient’s cholesterol levels starts to taper off.  Acupuncture, herbal medicine and a change in lifestyle and diet are all means to lower one’s cholesterol level and enjoy a healthy happy life.