Although it’s one of the most efficient ways to maintain health and cultivate oneself, anmo gong is unfortunately, a health technique quite unknown to most people.

The name Anmo Gong is made up of a couple of ancient Chinese words: Anmo, is old Chinese for massage (which is now known as ‘tuina’) and ‘gong,’ which generally refers to ‘practice’ or ‘work’. Anmo Gong, therefore, means the self-massage practice or work.

This form of massage is known as ‘do-in’ in Japan and ‘self-tuina’, in China. This procedure is comprised of very simple physical exercises without much chi (or qi) work or internal work involved.

Anmo Gong can be likened to a combination self-massage, acupressure and Qi Gong techniques. In fact, most forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi are made up of limited amounts of self-acupressure techniques, but in Anmo Gong, one specifically uses acupressure as a main part of the practice.

This can have a number of advantages – you can compare it to giving yourself a frequent tune-up when and where required. If his client is interested, an acupuncturist will teach him or her acupressure to augment the effect of his or her treatment. Acupressure can also be used frequently as a way to preserve well-being and health.

An Anmo Gong procedure will be comprised of acupressure practice on just two or three acupressure points or acupoints in its most basic form. More involved exercises will be made up of breathing techniques or basic ‘qi gong’ like movements and stretches. The exercises may be made up of spontaneous elements (spontaneous in the sense that you perform whatever you feel required at that moment) or can be very structured.

Anmo Gong can help balance your emotions, strengthen your immune system, and normalize as well as reinforce your energy. Based on the acupoints chosen and the routine to be performed, the entire procedure can be long or short, gentle or strong, and relaxing or stimulating. Actually, you can customize your practice based on your preferences and needs, and the sky’s the limit to what you can do.

Getting advice from your nearest practitioner of Chinese medicine in Winter Park or reading a great book about acupressure is one of the easiest ways to begin learning and practicing Anmo Gong.

Simply using acupressure on one acupoint for a minute or two each day can produce incredible benefits if you are too busy with your life. You could, for example, utilize the Stomach 36 point (St 36) which is sometimes called the ‘wonder point’ located on your lower leg. This can provide you with powerful health-boosting benefits. This can be a very good way to start discovering the wonderful health benefits of Anmo Gong and Self-Acupressure.