This article will discuss External and Internal Kung Fu Exercises drills and routines that promote greatest physique and bodyweight. These exercises are designed to improve the body’s Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Economy, using Ethics originating from Shaolin Chan and Classical Taoism.


Economy of movement – Greater ease of movement

Ethics – The system of values supporting the arrangement of routines.

Efficiency – Less effort to achieve more

Effectiveness – The balance of functions within the body that inevitably influences physical form aids you in reaching your goal

Kung Fu styles include External Qigong drills, Wu Shu massage, posture and stance exercises, and Internal Kung Fu Routines.

External Qigong & Wu Shu Massage

The weight in your thighs depicts a readily tapped possible reservoir of energy. The fat in your thighs can be metabolized and utilized for purposes of Martial Arts. Regular massaging of this area can make them fit to burn via internal bodily processes, activated by exercises performed later on.

With the use of both palms massage the inside and front of each thigh counterclockwise five times a week. To rev up the practice, double increase the massage to the thighs as well as the lower-leg. It takes time to process and burn the initial fatty deposits so be patient and press on. This practice can also eliminate and help prevent cellulite.

Routines of Internal Kung Fu

A lot of the routines of internal Qigong are designed to energize and intensify internal bodily functions. Classic Brain and Bone-Marrow Washing or Shi Soei Jing Bodhidharma and other Shaolin Routines can metabolize even seemingly permanent fatty deposits, to produce energy for the body. Over time, power-charged vital internal processes can melt away stubborn fat deposits.

Understanding and realizing the key principles that underpin such routines makes it much easier to perform these routines on a regular basis and to commit effort and time to them.

These routines may require an hour to perform although 20 minutes is usually the norm. They oftentimes harmonize, balance, and strengthen the functions of the spleen, heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs, the five Major Internal Organs based on the Five Elements Wu Hsing Internal Kung Fu.

Balance, Posture, and Stance

Standing on your toes for a long period, helps decrease the buildup of fatty deposits around the midriff through gravity.

1. With your heels together, stand on your toes for 30 seconds. Repeat this three times

2. With your feet apart, perform a horse-stance on your toes. With your fingers and arms at shoulder-height and outstretched, bounce up-and-down, back straight, and knees bent. Rest and then repeat this exercise fifty times.

3. Link hands by overlapping your palms, your hands outstretched, and the tip of your thumbs joined in a triangle, perform and repeat number 2.

4. With the back of your head, shoulders, and buttocks touching the wall, stand with your heels. Then inhale 12 deep-breaths that expand the chest and fully contract the stomach. When exhaling, compress the chest and expand the stomach. Next, for 30 seconds, stand using your toes, arms and fingers stretched out at shoulder height, legs slightly apart, and knees bent.


Those workouts, originating from Internal Kung Fu practice are also related to longevity training and overall improvement of health.

Amy-SuiQun Lui, L.Ac. is a Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist in Cleveland, OH.