When it comes to pain how well is the human body at coping with it? Though we may not like it and being a natural sensation of the body, pain is a physiological process to let us know that something is wrong in our body.

You are likely to be attuned to the cries and moans of the human condition when you visit any ward where patients who are chronically sick. Their misery reflects the state of one or more of their bodily system. Chronic pain of the skeleton or muscles is one of the highest forms of priority communication, making us aware of perils – tangible and intangible.

The sad part of all this is that the system we rely most for resolving pain and other health conditions, Western medicine, is woefully inadequate to help us with the communication system of the body – the nervous system – as it dispatches important messages to our soul: and that basically is what pain is.

However, a mysterious and ancient approach exists that is readily available for those who are willing to try it. This is an approach that is usually hidden and veiled; and that is the way of alternative therapies. A lot of these age old kinds of pain alleviation have stood the test of time and a few like, acupuncture has also successfully weathered the intrigue of scientific scrutiny.

Pain relief acupuncture treatment has existed for more than 4,000 years and it is one very effective and efficient way of dealing with pains and aches. This treatment has proven to be quite potent when it comes to the treatment of pain in the back. A huge part of these kinds of pains is caused by muscle contraction. Acupuncture has shown to be more than able to deal with this kind of pain.

Pain Relief Acupuncture Treatment in Linwood, How Does It Work?

Acupuncture basically deals with the circulation of bioelectrical energies around the body. Ancient Chinese practitioners refer to this life fore as “chi” or “qi.” They found out that a human’s natural energy would circulate through the body along channels, which they named as meridians. They saw that when there is an interruption in this energy flow, pain arises. When this flow is restored, then pain is lessened, alleviated or simply halted altogether. The body’s healing usually precedes the disruption of the meridians. We find, of course, that modern medicine has dismissed outright the claims of alternative treatments such as acupuncture for the relief of pain. Their opinion, however, should not prevent you from exploring this treatment that has benefited countless numbers of people throughout the centuries.

You are basically correcting the circulation of painful energies that are coursing through your body when you apply acupuncture for the treatment of pain.

Acupuncture treatment for pain has several health benefits and obviously the relief of pain is one such benefit albeit a hug one. Acupuncture can be also an adjunct treatment for other types of pain alleviation treatments. Acupuncture treatment for pain is also relatively non-invasive and safe as the acupuncture needles used are only made to sit in the skin and sometimes reach the layer of body fat. On certain occasions, the muscles are also reached. When dealing with pain relief treatment qualified acupuncturists only utilize needles that are sterile, hygienic, and always fresh. The needles are also approved by the FDA and disposable and should only be used by a qualified practitioner. In terms of width, an acupuncture needle is as thin as a hair in your scalp.

You will usually find that for acupuncture relief of pain more than 20 needles may be used and usually more than two or three sessions are required. The needles are left in the skin for around 30 to 40 minutes once they have been inserted. The acupuncturist sometimes twists the inserted needle with his/her hands to amplify the stimulation of the meridians.

The astonishing thing about acupuncture treatment for pain is that the needles themselves generate no sensations of pain. For a lot of patients, this is a pleasant surprise since understandably they expect some degree of pain because of the needle insertions into the skin. The opposite is true. Patients will usually feel so relaxed that they fall asleep during the rest of the procedure.

During an acupuncture procedure for the treatment of pain, the inserted needles activate a process in which electromagnetic signals relayed by the bodies system are accelerated and the meridians enhanced.

Acupuncture treatment for pain has also proven to successfully work in the treatment of chronic headaches and fibromyalgia as well as arthritic knee pain, hip pain, chronic pain headaches caused by whiplash. For a lot individuals suffering from asthma and chronic stomach pain, acupuncture has been the treatment that finally ended their sufferings once and for all.