Because of food lacking in nutritional value and poor eating habits, digestive disorders are on the rise among people of all ages. Sadly, more and more children are eating processed foods and being “treated” with junk foods by their parents and this trend doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down in the near future. This is why digestive disorders are becoming more and more common among children and young adults. A dear friend of mine phoned to ask me if I can treat her daughter’s constipation. She has had this problem since birth and has tried tons of treatments to no avail. Proper diet and fiber helped somehow but have not cured the problem. She often cries because the cramping and pain in her stomach is oftentimes too much to bear.

This is just a 9 year old with a really serious health problem. But, as with any 9 year old, she is scared and anxious of needles. Good thing that the trust she had in me was stronger than her dislike of needles. I calmly explained to her mom and to her about the procedure she would undergo and what outcomes she and her mom should expect.

Both mom and daughter agreed to the treatment. Then, while I showed the child the needles to be used I also explained to her that the needles are sterile, single use medical instruments. She looked at the needles and gently touched them then pondered for a few minutes. Then, she laid down on the table and closed her eyes. Stoically, she told me that she was ready for the pain. I started out by inserting a few needles in her legs and stomach. As the needles went in, she opened her eyes and told her mother, “Mom, it feels more like a mosquito bite but without the itch.”

After finishing inserting the needles, I shut the lights off and left the room with her mom at her side. Her mom came out 10 minutes later telling me that her daughter is asleep. About 40 minutes later, I started taking out the needles. She woke up sleepy but very much relaxed. It told her her mom to include in her diet fiber and probiotics. Both left my office happy and by the looks of their smile seemed to have enjoyed the whole experience. I received a text message three hours later from her mom stating that her child had bowel movement without discomfort or pain. I gave her six more treatments the following weeks, which all led to wonderful results. That was more than a year ago. Today, she still has daily bowel movements that were all normal without any pain or discomfort. The child was very happy about the whole outcome that she tells me she loves acupuncture. She tells me things like, “I have a headache today, should I have acupuncture treatment for it?”

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