Acupuncture in Overland Park is one extremely potent treatment for acne according to those who believe and practice traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). From experience, they see acupuncture as an effective means of restoring balance in the body in order to resolve illnesses due to a specific imbalance such as acne and other skin conditions.

Acupuncture works on the principle that the body is made of certain pressure points or acupuncture points and energy channels called meridians. When illness occurs, this means that the yin and yang of the body is out of balance. The result is physical manifestations such as acne. Certain acupoints along a meridian then needs to be inserted with a needle in order to restore the proper balance. The needles cause an effect that helps the outflow of energy regain balance, and in the process treat the disease.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acne breakouts or zits are signs that the body has too much heat in the lungs. To get rid of these breakouts, the lungs, the organ that controls your skin, needs to cleansed or cooled down. One way to do this is through the sticking of filiform needles into specific acupoints along the meridians of the body.

To be totally effective against acne, there needs to be more than one acupuncture treatment. And apart from the needling, a process known as cupping that involves the use of glass cups to suction areas of your skin is also used. TCM practitioners believe that this technique will help cool down your lungs and clear out toxins that might be causing the imbalance.

Acupuncture is a needle-probing technique that views acne very differently from Western medicine. It is a holistic treatment that not only addresses the actual breakouts and zits but also resolves the underlying imbalance or disease.

Electro-acupuncture treatment (EAT) has the ability to treat the hormonal imbalance underlying certain types of acne, one study has revealed. If Western medicine had been able to produce drugs that can resolve hormonal imbalance that’s causing the excess production of sebum or oil, TCM by means of EAT can deal with the imbalance as well in a safe and natural way. EAT uses an electric current from an outside source that’s sent through the needles while the needles are inserted into the acupoints.

Additional studies show how acupuncture effectively treats breakouts.

Only you will decide whether to resort to acupuncture treatment to prevent acne breakouts. The best thing you can do first is to talk to a dermatologist to give you recommendations as to what course of treatment will give you the best results.

People respond to acupuncture treatment for acne in different ways. You need to try it to see if it works for you. Some people respond positively to the treatment while some don’t experience any results at all. And just like any conventional acne treatment, do not expect immediate results after a few rounds of acupuncture.