Women are more likely to acquire adult acne than men.  The former are most prone to this disorder during menopause, pregnancy and menstruation than at any point in their lives.  Treatments are available but the bad and good treatments should be identified to avoid making the acne even worse.  Some treatments are not advisable for pregnant women as they have adverse effects on the unborn child.  Some of the factors that cause adult acne are high stress, poor hygiene and surprisingly, aging among others.

Stress indirectly causes acne as it weakens the immune function of the body as well as less food intake.  Acne can also be a cause of stress.  Some other factors that may result in adult acne are working with oily substances and grease, and too much sun exposure during work.  The skin neutralizes the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun by releasing oil to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness.  The oil clogs up the pores of the skin which can result in acne.  Extreme negative emotions such as depression, worries and anxiety can weaken the immune system and promote the breakout of acne.

Accutane is often prescribed by the doctor to address adult acne.  Medical research has yet to prove Accutane’s effectiveness against adult acne though.  Besides, Accutane causes a wide range of side effects some of which include abdominal pain, ulcer in the cornea, headaches, muscle pains, nosebleeds, dry skin and nausea not to mention the other side effects it can cause pregnant women.  These serious side effects should be kept in mind when attempting to use this drug.

One more drug that is prescribed by physicians for adult acne is spironolactone.  This drug works on women.  The drug acts by regulating the female’s androgen hormones which in turn regulates the release of skin oil.  Spironolactone is often prescribed in combo with birth control pills to increase its efficacy.  Like Accutane, spironolactone has negative side effects too among which are dryness of the mouth headaches and low blood pressure among others.

Toners astringents and cleansers that have acetone and alcohol content are also used for adult acne treatment.  The combination of alcohol and acetone help destroy bacteria and remove dirt that can be causes of adult acne.  Resorcinol and sulphur are also used in cleaning out dead cells and removing blockages in the skin pores.

Acupuncture Cleveland has been known to treat various kinds of skin disorders including adult acne. Ear acupuncture is often applied to mild acne.  When the acne is quite severe, body acupuncture is used to stimulate affected body organs.  Diet and lifestyle modifications are also recommended by the acupuncturist on the patient.  These are some of the effective treatments for adult acne.  It is good to do research on these and other treatments you think might be effective for you.