For the past 5,000 years, documents show that the Chinese have been searching for the secrets of medical cures and wellbeing in food.

If we study ancient Chinese history, we will see that this is no exaggeration as there was a medical consultant assisting the chef in the royal kitchen of all the Chinese emperors.
Chinese food or nutritional therapy in Miami, which is quite identical to Chinese herbal therapy, is obviously not applicable in medical emergencies. Be that as it may, it is still the most effective way of giving an individual real long term health benefits. Mild stomach aches, for example, can be treated with drugs, but they can also be well-addressed by not eating certain types of food and following proper eating habits. So, stay away from medications if you can find a natural safe alternative type of treatment.

In China these days, it is trendy to bring back the ‘healthy eating’ from long ago. By ‘healthy eating,’ we do not mean having healthy habits or consuming healthy foods, what we mean is providing the body a needed boost in nutrition, or consuming specific foods to rectify health conditions.

Precious ancient ‘healthy recipes’ dating thousands of years ago are now being used in some restaurants in China. They specialize in this type of dishes; now, more and more ordinary restaurants have begun adding some of these recipes in their menus.

If you study Chinese nutritional therapy, you would probably encounter the phrase ‘Yang Sheng’. The Yang in this phrase can mean nourishing body, nursing problems, and maintenance while Sheng can mean growth, existence, and life. Yang Sheng is typically understood as preventing sickness in order to live a long health life, increase the strength of the body, or maintain a healthy life.

A few decades ago in China, most people were very poor. They did not have enough food to eat almost every day and therefore, working for food was the most important thing in their lives. Today, we now see all kinds of foods from all the seasons being sold in the markets at a reasonable price, and all the recipes of the Chinese emperors are now available to those who can afford them.

The recipes of the Chinese emperors are quite different to the recipes we use on a daily basis. The manner in which the ingredients are combined is very different as well as the manner the various dishes are combined in a single meal. Some of the ingredients can be occasionally quite expensive and very difficult to find, while some are easily found in the markets and sold at a reasonable price.

Some wild and rare mushrooms and other expensive ingredients require a unique way of combining with other ingredients and a special way of cooking, if not, they may produce the benefits anticipated. As for the less expensive ingredients, if combined with the right ingredients and cooked in the right way, can yield the same nutritional value as the more expensive ones. You might not get the best outcomes if the combination is wrong. Beef or land, for example, is known to have a nourishing effect on the blood, but after eating them, we then eat watermelon, then the benefits from the beef or lamb can be diminished.