If you have some doubts or little knowledge about what acupuncture is all about, perhaps this article will illuminate you a bit as it is about the seven acupuncture theory bullet points that can give you a basic understanding of the concepts behind this ancient healing modality that began in China more than two thousand five hundred years ago.

General Overview

For a lot of people living in the West, acupuncture is viewed as a foreign or mysterious concept because of its Oriental roots. Many of these people have been influenced by hearsays and misconceptions. Acupuncture deserves to be recognized as a bona fide healing practice in its own right.

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture needles are designed to regulate the control of the flow of qi, the life energy within the body. It is a vital key in the workings of acupuncture therapy.

Sections of the Body

The body is divided into sections called meridians as per acupuncture theory. These sections aid the acupuncturist in determining where deficiencies exist and the flow of qi.

Acupuncture Points or Pressure Points

Acupuncture points lie in locations just over the meridians. Needles are inserted into these points to control or balance the flow of qi within the body. The acupuncturist needs to identify the pressure points where qi flow stimulation is required.


To initiate healing, the acupuncturist needs to activate the flow of qi. Though invisible to the naked eye, Qi is the energy that is always present in your body. The needles are the tools to help balance and control the movement of qi.

Application of Pressure

Applying the right amount of pressure is essential to eliminate the blockages to energy circulation in the meridians

Qi Blockage and Imbalance

According to acupuncture theory, the cause of all sorts of illness in a person is the blockage to qi flow and/or qi imbalance. The former is much easier to treat since treatment it only entails one or a few sessions of acupuncture.

All these bullet points presented above are information that you must need to know in order to have a basic understanding of what acupuncture is all about.

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