For several months, my friend attempted to become pregnant though, initially, she did not opt for conventional medical treatment. She kept a diary that showed the progression of her reproductive cycle. A couple of months after, she discovered a pattern – instead of the normal 2nd week, she was ovulating a week late, in the 3rd week of every month. She believed that this was a bone fide problem that her OB/GYN could help her with. However, her doctors felt that she had not been making efforts to conceive long enough; and being only 31, she was really not that concerned.

The doctor told her that she should return if she was unable to conceive after six months.

Instead of heeding the advice of her doctor, my friend picked up on a magazine feature she read once, and decided to go for acupuncture treatment in order to become pregnant.

One big problem she faced was that her health insurance did not cover acupuncture treatment forcing her to shell out $200 each week from her own pocket for two visits in the hope that it can normalize her menstruation cycle.

Her decision to follow the recommendation of the magazine article paid off handsomely. Three months of acupuncture treatment helped her become pregnant. She firmly believed that it was the treatment that helped fulfill her dream; however, there was no way to prove it. Be that as it may, a growing number of people are finding acupuncture to be an ideal way to overcome physical and emotional conditions such as sterility, pain with no known cause, menopausal symptoms, and depression among others. And people avail of it even if they know they need to pay for it themselves.

Acupuncture isn’t really a treatment you would consider if you have an infection, the only way to treat it is with antibiotics. But for all of the other classifications of diseases, especially the ones that cause reproductive problems, metastatic inflammation, and agony, acupuncture can be quite impressive and powerful in its effectiveness.

It is now normal to see regular doctors refer their patients to an acupuncturist if they suffer from conditions like any of these. Proponents of acupuncture claim that the treatment will not only practically resolve issues that you’ve got it also restores or maintains the balance in your body that help prevent those issues from returning. If you are interested in trying out acupuncture and it may seem too costly for you, you can go to an acupuncture college to receive discount therapy. You may also want to try a community acupuncture network site for the price tag benefits available foregoing, of course, the luxurious one-to-one treatment of a qualified practitioner.

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