Extended symptoms of anemia like prolonged fatigue should mean scheduling an appointment with your physician. If the doctor sees that you have anemia that may entail complex treatment, he may refer you to a hematologist.

In order to get the most out of your appointment, it is best to come prepared and be able to supply your doctor with medical information about you and your condition and to write down all questions regarding your anemia you need answers to. To be prepared:

  • List down all questions to ask your physician
  • List down all supplements, steroids, vitamins and medications you are taking presently and giving this list to your physician
  • List down vital information about yourself which should include any new changes in your life and the things that stress you out
  • List down the signs and symptoms of your anemia including symptoms that you think is not connected to your anemia or to the condition that basically prompted you to come to your doctor.

Since there is basically a relatively short time to confer with your doctor, preparing the aforementioned lists will help you glean the most amount of information during that time. When you write down questions to your doctor, give yourself time to think about everything that needs to be asked so you can come out of the appointment well-informed. These questions can include:

  • What is causing my symptoms?
  • What are the other factors that may possibly be causing my symptoms?
  • Do I need to undergo certain exams and tests?
  • Is there an underyling cause to my anemia?
  • Do I have temporary or permanent anemia?
  • Any possible treatments for my anemia?
  • What treatments do you recommend? Do they cause bad side effects? What side effects can occur?
  • Besides anemia I suffer from other ailments. What do I need to do to address anemia and these other conditions?
  • Do I need to follow a certain regular diet? What foods do you recommend to fight my anemia? How often do I need to eat these foods?
  • Do you have pamphlets and brochures I can bring and read at home? Are there websites you recommend that can provide important information for my anemia?

Any other questions not included in the above list should be asked by you to your doctor. For pregnant women suffering from anemia, added questions to ask can include:

  • How many tests do I need to undergo for anemia during my pregnancy?
  • What is the nature if these tests?
  • Will my anemia entail possible complications for my baby and me?
  • Is my anemia going to get better or worse during my pregnancy?
  • Is my anemia ever going away? If yes, when do you think it will be?
  • Is my present anemic condition a thing I need to worry about in future pregnancies?

Things the doctor may do

First and foremost to know more about you and your condition, the doctor will ask you certain questions. These questions should be answered truthfully and honestly in order for your physician to get an accurate diagnosis and therefore the right treatment plan for you. If a question may require you to think about the answer, then by all means, take your time. Some of the questions the doctor may ask can include:

  • When have you first noticed these symptoms?
  • Have these symptoms been with you all the time or have they been intermittent (coming and going)?
  • Are your symptoms severe or mild?
  • Are there things that make your symptoms better or worse?

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