Stress is a daily and natural part of life.  However, it is more pronounced these days due to the inordinate demands and rapid pace of life.  Mental or physical stress makes the body react in ways that alters the biochemical processes of the mind and body causing physiological responses such as muscle tension, rise of blood pressure and an increase in breathing and heart activity.  This physiological reaction is known as a “fight or flight” reaction.

When the body is under duress, physically or mentally, the fight or flight reaction allows the body to react quickly giving it a boost of alertness and strength to do whatever it needs to do.  This sort of response lasts transitorily.  However, if strings of events continually compel the mind and body to react this way, the energy in the body gets depleted eventually leading to health problems.

Incidents such as a divorce, sudden termination from work, accident involving a very close member of the family, etc. can cause prolonged stress, which makes the body and mind suffer considerably.  The result of extreme stress can manifest in migraine, prolonged headaches, gastric dysfunction, skin problems, and sleeping problems to name a few.   Some symptoms manifest psychologically like insecurity, lack of focus and concentration, anxiety and depression.

If stress is not addressed promptly, it becomes chronic and may result in long-term health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or strokes.  That is why, it is extremely vital to seek help as early as possible when one has been in an emotional funk for some time.  A person was not meant to live a life filled with sadness or worries and eliminating extreme emotions is a great positive step in living a happy, healthy and satisfying life.  Since stress is unavoidable in our daily lives, one must curtail its magnitude to prevent the potential damage it can bring to one’s overall well-being.  One needs to have a balanced mind and body which will serve in strengthening the body’s immune system.

Acupuncture has been doing exactly this for more than 4000 years in China.  This treatment mentally and physiologically benefits the person by removing stress from the mind and body.  Acupuncture allows the person to feel a sense of tranquility and comfort, which removes mental pressure, lowers blood pressure, lessens heart rates and eases tense muscles.  By relieving these symptoms, it promotes a sense of joy and revitalizes the energy of the body depleted considerably by prolonged extreme stress.

Added to this, the benefit of acupuncture being a safe and natural treatment for extreme emotions makes the use of antidepressants unnecessary and redundant.  We all know the serious side effects these drugs can have on the body, which may result in added health worries