IDA or Iron-deficiency anemia treatment involving the use of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the term “Differential Diagnosis”. This is a procedure entailing a very exhaustive evaluation of the patient’s symptoms and signs to bring about a specific and precise diagnosis.  According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, a “pattern” is known as a specific set of symptoms and blood deficiency is the most common pattern for IDA. People more or less can have a single or multiple patterns happening simultaneously in their body.  A blood deficiency pattern can occur due to another pattern termed spleen qi deficiency. Each patient gets treated on the basis of his/her pattern diagnosis.


TCM treatment focuses not merely on the condition’s symptoms but on its cause as well. The most important therapies used to treat patterns related to IDA include diet, massage, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Herbal tonics that have been specifically concocted for the patient are used to build qi and blood as well as improve digestion, normalize menstruation and stop bleeding all without any untoward side effects.   Red blood cell count levels have been proven to increase with massage therapy which can also help boost blood flow throughout the body.  A vitamin-rich and iron-rich diet combined with some recommendations to improve digestion is vital to a successful treatment.

Combining Western Medicine with TCM

Integrating Western Medicine with that of traditional Chinese medicine is by far the most effective way of resolving IDA. Your doctor and acupuncturist need to work together to help come up with a plan of therapy that is both effective and safe.

Establishing Open Communication

If you already are diagnosed with IDA and want to be treated using TCM modalities, you need to tell your doctor about your intention. Most of the time, your doctor will allow you to try out alternative medicine especially if your condition does not respond to conventional treatments.


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