Because of the emotional and physical negativity it brings caused by the unpleasant blemishes, psoriasis is a very much unwanted skin condition that sufferers wants to get rid of the fastest way possible.  Psoriasis is marked by dark or bright red lesions combined with a scaled, waxy or shiny coating and can appear in different parts of the body, but usually on the flexor areas of the scalp, legs and arms.  Its degree of severity differs from person to person. Psoriasis can result in changes in the toe nails and fingernails and if severe, enough, can lead to an arthritic condition. Being a chronic and complicated condition, psoriasis can be treated by complementary modalities such as Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Psoriasis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), psoriasis can develop in certain ways. Studies regarding this disease have demonstrated that endocrine, metabolic, immunologic and hereditary factors can all play a role in the rise of psoriasis. When visiting your acupuncturist, she/he may first query you about your health history. This will help him/her understand how your psoriasis started and can help in the formulation of a plan of treatment that best addresses the issue. Some of the factors that your acupuncturist may consider on your initial visit can include:

The overall health and moisture of your skin
Unresolved trauma, stress or emotions
Gastrointestinal function and dietary irregularities
Recent exposure to toxins
Childhood infections or illnesses

Some of these considerations may not be related to psoriasis but they do play an important part in the diagnosis and treatment of your problem.  TCM practitioners believe that an unhealthy skin is a sign of a chronic and deeper issue affecting an internal organ in the body.

Results of the Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture combined can help eradicate psoriasis.  Your treatment takes place in phases. A number of initial visits with your acupuncturist can identify the root of the problem and hence be treated accordingly.  Ordinarily, the initial phase may last for a month. During that time, you will be given weekly Chinese herbal and acupuncture therapies as well as advices for skin care and supplements that accelerate the healing process. Changes in diet are also vital for the treatment of psoriasis. In this regard, your acupuncturist will recommend a dietary guideline to aid with your progress. As your symptoms get better, your acupuncture treatments are tapered off although your herbal therapy will still continue until your condition has completely healed.

One effective way to eliminate the underlying problem of your psoriasis is an elimination diet. Anecdotal evidence has  shown that nutrition and diet are major causes for flare-ups of psoriasis.

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