Due to the unhealthy lifestyle of modern day living, people are now experiencing infertility at ages supposed to be part of their fertility age.  Women now more than ever have a hard time conceiving and are resorting to different programs to assist them conceive.  Food, especially junk food that have too much preservatives in them, excessive sugar consumption through sodas, gums and candies, not to mention the industrial and electronic pollution which causes impotency for both male and female and stress are all major causes of infertility.

Acupuncture Orlando
has been a popular treatment for infertility for the Chinese for thousands of years.  What acupuncture does is to nourish the organs with energy called chi or life force; to balance the energy forces (yin-yang) in the body to maintain health; to clear the meridians of any blockages  to allow the smooth flow of chi throughout the body and to give more energy to the body.  This treatment also cures any external, environmental or pathogenic problems that may otherwise cause disharmony in body equilibrium. It also neutralizes negative environmental factors and with the aid of herbal medicine and correct dietary practices, addresses any nutritional concerns.  Acupuncture has been treating infertility cases such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), advanced maternal age, menstrual abnormalities, uterine fibroids, luteal phase defect, spasmed tubes, unexplained infertility for men, multiple miscarriages, anovulation and hormonal imbalances to name a few.

To treat infertility, the acupuncturist talks with the couple or individual to determine the cause of the infertility.  After identifying the problem, the acupuncturist selects the best medical approach for treatment.  Generally, acupuncture regulates the body’s hormone levels, particularly, the endocrine system, to allow for better sperm or ovarian production.  This is an important benefit especially for couples opting for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) therapy.  It also helps women to relax in stressful fertility programs, which IVF is.

Low sperm count and quality of sperm are the infertility problems of most males.  Acupuncture studies for male infertility have proven successful in improving sperm quality by improving motility and repairing the structural damages of the sperm.  Many doctors now incorporate acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in their infertility treatment programs like IVF.  Patients are treated with acupuncture for three or four months before proceeding to IVF or egg donor transfer programs.

Acupuncture not only treats infertility, it helps with the emotional health of the individual as well.  People who have undergone acupuncture treatment aver that after treatment, they feel uplifted, reinvigorated and balanced.  Some who were depressed when they entered the program came out with a positive outlook in life and are now living and coping better with life’s vicissitudes.

Acupuncture is a very safe method of treating male and female infertility and is now widely accepted as part of infertility treatment programs in many major hospitals in the US.