There have been a number of studies during the past few years showing the potency of acupuncture therapy in treating back pain. Those studies also revealed the effectiveness of acupuncture over that of western conventional therapies such as NSAIDs. More revealing about these studies are the results of “sham” acupuncture in treating back pain. These sham therapies used toothpicks that poked but did not pierce the skin and were as effective as regular acupuncture needle procedures.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The results of these researches signify that it’s not required to actually pierce the skin for acupuncture to bring about back pain relief. Equally effective is acupressure. Some of those who conducted the studies deem that certain physiological sequences of events happen when the skin is stimulated superficially.

Traditional acupuncture is a process that helps to bring back overall muscle balance to the body by stimulating the pathways of vital energy or chi. Acupuncturists and other practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe that the body is intrinsically designed for symmetry and balance.

The Posture Connection

Neutral anatomy or proper posture can do the same thing as acupuncture; it normalizes the functions of the body and effectively transfers energy and loads at the body’s upper extremity distally through the center, down to the knees, that eventually disperses when it reaches the feet. When this process is disturbed due to poor posture, it causes imbalance in the body that can even affect the concentration abilities of the person.

Many researchers are hesitant in providing theories as to what makes acupuncture successful in addressing back pain. A particular study done over a period of three weeks and performed by Vail Resorts involved 300 professional ski instructors who were tasked with a number of activities while wearing a Posture Shirt (underneath their regular clothing) that elicits a neuromuscular reaction to keep proper posture. They were given self-evaluation tests about the amount of muscle stiffness and fatigue in both instances. The outcomes showed an anatomical effect from the posture shirt’s tension and touch technology that affected their body awareness, muscle coordination and skeletal alignment. In simple terms, the shirts had a therapeutic effect similar to that of acupressure.

Treatments for Back Pain

Acupuncture treatment for back pain relief is one procedure that produces a significant amount of relief for people suffering from chronic pain. When citing the information provided above, what can be inferred is that anything that stimulates the correct pressure points along the spine, back and neck can produce beneficial results. Therefore, a Posture Shirt with its acupressure-like benefits can also equate to relief.

Acupuncturists argue that their procedures not only provide back pain relief, the procedures also work to bring back balance in the body and hence help to better the general well-being of the person.  The same effects can occur when a person maintains proper posture; it helps balance the body and aids the organ systems of the body to function optimally.

Back pain treatment using acupuncture is a proven therapy that brings about great results. It is as effective as proper posture to help rebalance the body and all of its systems. Between posture correction and acupuncture, people who are suffering from lower back pain are certain to get real relief from their pain.