Feeling depressed or anxious? No problem.  Get treated with a natural, safe and effective therapy for your emotional issues with acupuncture. Now with a collapsing economy and many on the dole there is so much pressure at home and work places making so many people miserable and sad who eventually end up being depressed, anxious or both.

The physical health of the individual is directly influenced by his/her state of emotion and mind. This is because the body and mind are strongly connected to each other.  This explains why herbal medicine, and lifestyle and diet changes are parts of acupuncture therapy for many individuals. Acupuncture is a natural holistic medicinal art that has been used in China for about five thousand years.

Extreme mental stress and strong emotions can impact a person’s physical health leading to depression and/or anxiety.  People with depression or anxiety need to get prompt treatment in order not to run the risk of suffering from worse physical illnesses that may eventually arise. These days, simple worries are now considered as anxiety problems by psychologists. More serious types of mental and emotional strains include panic attacks and post-traumatic stress.  An individual may be diagnosed with anxiety if he exhibits symptoms such as a fast heart beat, shortness of breath and chest pain.

According to acupuncture practitioners some of the organ systems are termed fire organs and others are called water organs. The heart is considered a fire organ and the kidney a water organ. These two organs balance each other maintaining a properly balanced flow of energy in the body.  When the mind is disturbed it can be due to excess fire. This excess of fire causes heat and people who suffer from anxiety manifest this heat factor.

For treating anxiety, ear (auricular) or body acupuncture is used. The liver is believed be responsible for the distribution of qi or chi which in Chinese means vital energy.  About 20% of the US population is believed to be suffering from depression at some point in their lives. Extreme fatigue is the most common symptoms of people suffering from depression.

Conduits of chi in the body are called meridians and there are 14 of them from the liver. If a blockage develops in any of these meridians, it would obstruct the flow of chi causing it to stagnate. The stagnation can result in lack of proper digestion and, sleep related problems among others. In treating depression using acupuncture, the acupuncturist focuses on treating imbalances in the liver. The spleen and heart are the secondary organs that are likewise treated.

Acupuncture helps add chi into the energy deficient area of the body and this helps remove the blockage to help restore normal chi flow.  Besides the actual acupuncture treatment the acupuncturist will recommend body and mind exercises like qi gong, tai chi and yoga to help facilitate the treatment of depression.

Acupuncture therapy utilizes ultra fine needles inserted into the skin. These needles are usually thrown away once they are used the first time to prevent infection. Unlike needles used by doctors and nurses, acupuncture needles generate no or little pain to the patient when they are inserted into the body.