The medical journal Birth published a recent large-scale study showing how acupuncture significantly relieves nausea in pregnant women in their first trimester. The study led by Dr. Caroline Smith from Australia reported that the women experienced improvements in emotional and physical function even after just one session of acupuncture. Even if it isn’t a disease, morning sickness can have a short term impact on the life of women which can be very hard to tolerate. Fortunately, there are effective and safe treatment options out there to treat this problem.

Some women experiencing their first pregnancy may feel stressed and engulfed by the frequent and unexpected nausea. For other women, it may be their second or third pregnancy which means that no matter how tired or nauseous you feel, you have to wake up every morning to see that your child gets his breakfast, lunch and snacks. Some women may have jobs that require them to interact face to face with people all day and they cannot spare the liberty to pass out or vomit during those interactions. While the experience of morning sickness is unique for every woman, the ability to bear the nausea is one thing each of them shares in common. One can easily endure feeling queasy after a meal but it’s a whole different story feeling queasy or vomitous constantly for months on end.

Medications are available to help control nausea; however, the side effects of these drugs (constipation and tiredness) especially when you use them on a regular basis will make you feel even worse. If you’ve been suffering from morning sickness for many years now, you may find the following natural remedies helpful:

1. Acupuncture – For over 3,000 years, acupuncture has been used as a reliable treatment for nausea. According to hundreds of published research articles, acupuncture in Miami is a proven effective remedy for nausea in this day and age. Most of the patients report feeling a lot better even after just one treatment and they keep coming once the effects taper off. There are some who go for treatment two times a week while a few visit their acupuncturist once a month or once in two months based on how severe their nausea has become.

2. Extra Vitamin B6 – 100 mg per day (50mg two times a day).

3. Ginger tea – To get the best effects, you need to use raw ginger. The raw ginger is sliced to at least three pieces and then boiled for 20 minutes in a pot of water. Drink the tea while in room temperature or warm.

4. Modify your diet – When a nausea spell occurs, a lot of women find that meat and other heavy protein as well as bitter foods only worsen their condition. When nausea strikes, avoid sugar and simplify your diet. Mashed or baked potatoes or small bowls of potato soup throughout the day can be filling and pleasant.

5. Rest – Getting extra rest is extremely important if you are prone to nausea. Tiredness is a symptom that most pregnant women suffering from term nausea share in common. It’s normal to feel tired when you’re pregnant since you are nourishing two people at the same time. So, extra rest, sleep, and napping are essential if you want to feel better.