Edina Acupuncture is 100% safe for all types of people including children as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs especially prescription drugs where many of them can be too toxic for children.  The main aim of acupuncture is to reinstate regular chi flow which is more often than not is blocked by several destructive factors.

In the eyes of acupuncture practitioners, illnesses and pain arise because the energy vessels where chi travels around the body develop obstructions that hinder the normal flow of chi.  Each meridian is associated with a major organ and whatever meridian develops obstructions, the organ that associates with it develops imbalances which leads to sickness or pain in that organ or caused by the organ’s energy imbalance.  A blockage in the liver meridian can lead to illnesses such as migraine, PMS, headaches, endometriosis or hypertension among others.  Kidney meridians that have obstructions can lead to nocturia, osteoporosis, edema, weak knees and legs, etc.

Acupuncture treats disorders by the use of filiform needles inserted on meridian points associated with the organ that causes the disorders.  The needles guide chi and unblock the obstructions to allow chi to flow unimpeded once again along the meridian system.  The meridians function similarly to the circulatory system of the body but transport chi instead of blood all over the body.

The meridians of both children and adults have the same structure.  This very grand procedure has been utilized for millennia by Chinese physicians of yore and even used on babies to cure certain baby illnesses.  The obstacle though that acupuncture has to hurdle to make it a good treatment procedure for children is the children’s natural fear of the needles.

The most important thing which parents and acupuncturists should do is to reassure the child that the needles used in acupuncture are very much different from those used by hospitals and medical facilities for injection.  The benefits that acupuncture would otherwise be denied the child because of the fear of the needles.

It is a very sad fact that pharmaceutical corporations push their very toxic drugs to children lying to the public that they are safe to use by children.  Very harmful drugs like Ritalin and Gardasil are vigorously pushed by these companies and are prescribed by poorly uninformed doctors who have not clearly studied the potential permanent damages these drugs can do to children.  In fact, Ritalin is being prescribed on children as young as 6 years old who are suffering from so called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Ritalin is considered a pseudo amphetamine and produces very serious side effects such as psychosis, addiction, anxiety, agitation, irritability, heart palpitations, dizziness and headaches among many others. Giving Ritalin to a child is akin to giving cocaine to him.