Acupuncture West Orange together with medicinal herbs have been known to treat various skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, uticaria, warts, and dermatitis for thousands of years.

Skin disorders such as eczema or acne have what the ancient Chinese call an imbalance of yin and yang forces. In ancient Chinese medicine, these are the cold and hot forces in the body whose balanced interaction with each other means good health for the individual. Organs in the body are inherently yin or yang in nature.  The yin organs are the  kidneys, lungs, heart and liver while the yang organs are the gallbladder, skin, the large and small intestines and the spleen.  The yin organs carry the water or cold force the while the yang organs fire or heat force.

Environmental, emotional and physical factors can cause an imbalance of yin or yang due to the stagnation of chi in a certain organ area.  The environment can cause dampness, heat or cold in the body to disharmonize its relative balance of yin and yang.
The task of the acupuncturist is to take off the extra heat and cold in the body and allow the free flow of chi throughout the body system.

Sometimes the causes of the disorder are the destabilization of hormones due to bad dietary choices and bacterial infection.  Fatty and oily food and pathogens carry in them heat or cold forces which also destabilize the balance of yin and yang.  Emotional stress on other hand causes a blockage in the liver area where chi stagnates.

Acupuncture addresses all these skin problems because almost all skin disorders have a problem that is emotional; hormonal; bacterial or viral; or environmental in nature.  Upon diagnosing the etiology of the disease, the acupuncturist then selects the best treatment for the patient.

Sometimes acupuncture alone is the treatment for a skin disorder, sometimes in conjunction with herbal medicine and sometimes with herbal medicine alone.

Acupuncture points that connect to the affected organs are where the acupuncture needles are applied.  These needles and herbs control the hot or cold element of the body and remove the blockages of the chi.

The thing to remember is that acupuncture is a holistic treatment.  The skin disorders along with the emotional or physiological causes of the disorder are treated.  Skin disorders usually cause low morale and poor self-esteem.  Acupuncture can help regulate the organs to function well to prevent emotional pressure on the patient.

Along with this treatment, it is vital to live a healthy lifestyle and eat foods that are not fatty or oily. In addition, it is in the interest of the person suffering from skin disorder to stop or not attempt to smoke cigarettes.  Some herbal medicinal teas act as antioxidants to remove unwanted substances in the blood and strengthen the body’s immune system.