Hundreds of millions of people all around the world suffer from headache each day. One study has revealed that in the United States, there are about 46 million people suffering from long-term, chronic headache and sadly, about 29 million of these people experience extreme migraine symptoms.

To add to these sobering statistics, around 5% of adults experience headaches on a regular basis. Occasionally, the headaches become intolerable that sufferers are forced to use pain reliving drugs. The problem with these drugs is that they only generally provide temporal relief. Also, they are filled with toxins that cause a lot of side effects to the individual.

One alternative type of headache treatment that is growing in popularity is acupuncture. Acupuncture can treat virtually every type of headache, including migraines and chronic headaches. It is especially effective in the treatment of chronic headaches and people should know that this treatment does not have any side effects. The potency of acupuncture is such that it has helped cut down the use of drugs for people all around the world suffering from chronic headaches.

Based on a clinical study done by the School of University of North Carolina, acupuncture used as an adjunct to medical science management, helps to improve the chronic headache patient’s quality of life. Actually, in this study, medical management contributed minimally in the positive outcomes of the study.

So, here we can see that acupuncture works well where medical management fails. One Chinese medical research thinks that one of the major reasons for headache is the obstruction of blood and Qi in one or more of the energy pathways in the body.

The treatments used by acupuncturists are mainly aimed towards the elimination of the obstruction. One treatment may entail needling of the area of the body where the pain is concentrated as well as treatment of other sites where the obstruction is believed to be located.

The frequency and duration of the treatment will be based on how well the patient responds to the treatment. The patient may also be required to take certain Chinese herbal formulas along with the acupuncture.

In order to relieve or handle the magnitude and frequency of headaches, you need to do the following:

-Limit eating of soups

-Stay away from greasy and fried foods

-Eat a balanced diet

-Limit your intake of caffeine

-Manage stress

If you experience headache that keeps coming back, you need to head the advice given by your doctor, acupuncturist or healthcare provider.

Be sure that the acupuncturist, who is providing you treatment, is licensed, qualified and well-experienced in treating headaches. Acupuncture is seen around the world as a truly effective modality. It has proven to be effective in resolving various forms of headaches including, cluster and cervicogenic headaches as well as migraines.

Acupuncture helps relieve headache pain by relaxing extremely tight muscles caused by chronic or severe stress. It also helps bring back normal balance to the hormones and chemicals imbalanced which is one of the underlying reasons for certain types of headache. Once again, you need to seek out a reputable, qualified and well-experienced acupuncturist to get the best possible treatment and result.