Perhaps, the most common psychological condition related to insomnia is depression. A basic connection exists between the two that transcends the chemical factors produced by the brain in a number of central nervous system disorders. Insomnia and depression are actually related to the presence of negative ideations focused towards the rest of the world and to oneself.

Highly stressful working conditions, high emotional problems and personal dissatisfaction are the main causes of insomnia and depression. The most meaningful disadvantage in the use of conventional medication prescribed for the treatment of these two conditions is its inability to address the underlying cause of the problems in the first place.

As a result, increasing recurrence is highly likely when the prescription is discontinued. People suffering from insomnia and depression are urged to develop as many rewarding activities as they can. Emotional stability, openness and communication, small successes and a boost of self-confidence are some of the best long-standing cures for such conditions.

Many nervous system disorders related to insomnia, from the very simple to the most complicated of cases, as well as depression is fortunately deemed to be a mild affliction that can be cured through a variety of alternative therapies. Acupressure in Jacksonville, for instance, have been used successfully in the treatment of both insomnia and depression, with great results seen immediately after treatments.

The acupressure therapist opens the natural circuits of the body through the stimulation of special points in the body to eliminate the negative energies that have built up in the recipient’s body. The treatment of insomnia and depression through acupressure is an ancient Asian healing method. The underlying principles of this treatment are that each health issue has a multidimensional structure: physical, energetic and spiritual.

Each time a person is unhappy, a physical reaction takes place in his body that secretes chemicals which can be, depending on the amount, rather harmful. Because of this, people suffering from depression have a hard time sleeping well; tension builds up in the tissues and hinders the healthy functioning of their system.

The use of acupressure helps restore the natural flow of energy in the body, which results in feelings of contentment and relaxation that diminishes the negative burden in their mind that can interfere with sleep. Almost all patients (about 90% of them) who have utilized acupressure have reported meaningful gains in the treatment of insomnia and depression. So, in order to maintain a state of well-being and health, one needs to limit negative emotions to a minimum and stick to a balanced way of life.