Some months ago, research was conducted on who are the major users of complementary medicine, alternative medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine. For Chinese medicine, it is safe to assume that the main focus of the management of disease is usually getting to the underlying cause of the problem, not merely to control the harmful symptoms. The final objective is to maintain the well-being of the person by balancing his or her body systems. Usually, this is what patients going for Chinese medicine treatment really desire.

Among the Chinese, and other Asians patients in countries like Singapore, TCM has always been very commonly used. However, it has been shown that even if most Chinese patients often first seek help from Western trained doctors for most illnesses, a huge part of them (42%) went to see traditional Chinese herbalists for further consultation for the same illness. Some go for traditional therapies as an alternative or complementary form of healing.

A lot of research efforts have suggested that users of TCM tend to be more educated and are women. Due to their biological nature, the major users of healthcare services are women. So with more women getting educated in modern societies, they have the financial means and are willing to spend money to attain a better holistic health than men.

It is from this study that a practitioner can be in a better position to offer his services more effectively. For those who have started their business, this will give them an idea on who to target initially.

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