The number of sweat glands a person’s body has can determine the amount of sweat he produces. Interestingly, women have more sweat glands in their body than men; the sweat glands of men, however, are more active. Then again, this is not true all the time.

Medicines, drinks, foods, health conditions, and heredity are just some of the factors that contribute to the amount of sweat a person can produce. These are factors that usually lead to a condition known as hyperhidrosis. A disorder in which a person’s the sweat glands produces excessive amount of sweat, hyperhidrosis often results in discomfort and embarrassment to the sufferer.

If you consider all the available options, hyperhidrosis is very much a curable condition. One specific cure that anyone with excessive sweat of the hands and feet can avail of is acupuncture. This wunderbar treatment has been used for thousands of years as a cure not only for hyperhidrosis but for dozens of illnesses as well.

Natural Alternative Treatment for Sweating Problems – Acupuncture

The Asians, particularly, the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese (and to a lesser extent, the Indians) have been using acupuncture for at least two millennia as a modality for hyperhidrosis. This treatment is the most frequently used and one of the oldest healing arts in the entire world.

A lot of individuals who have used Miami acupuncture to treat hyperhidrosis with great success would tell you that this is the safest and most natural way to treat this disorder. Unlike conventional treatments, there is no recovery period for acupuncture. It uses certain techniques that involve the activation of certain body parts through a range of procedures. Acupuncture for hyperhidrosis works by stimulating the points associated to the sweat nerves in order to prevent them from functioning in an overactive manner. This procedure usually involves inserting the skin with thin, metallic, and stainless steel needles guided by an acupuncturist’s hand or through the stimulation of electricity.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has endorsed the use of acupuncture as a natural treatment for hyperhidrosis and various kinds of illnesses way back in 1996. Sterile and harmless needles are regulated by the FDA in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, infections, and unwanted side effects. Acupuncture should only be practiced by qualified and licensed acupuncturists.

Acupuncture Procedure

The sterilized needles used in acupuncture are extremely thin; in fact, they are as thin as the hair in your head. They generate no pain at all when they are inserted into the skin. Acupuncture is highly successful because besides being painless, no drugs are needed and so does not have any side effects at all associated with pharmaceutical products.

Of course there are other forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis besides acupuncture. However, acupuncture actually cures hyperhidrosis completely and besides being effective does not produce any side effects at all.