How does Cupping Massage Therapy Work?

Cupping treatments can have a variety of techniques. A vacuum is created during a treatment session and there is suction that draws up your body’s tissues and skin. In a stationary cupping procedure, the cups are placed on the skin and are not moved until the entire treatment session is complete. In massage cupping, the cups are moved across the site of treatment to help relieve sore joints and muscles.

Cupping Therapy – A Brief History

Egyptian archeologists have discovered pictorial records of cupping dating back to at least 1500 BC. Cupping was also utilized by the ancient Greeks and Chinese to address a variety of symptoms. Initially, the cups were made from animal horns that have been hollowed out were used to suck toxins and waste materials out of the body. The cups made from hollowed out animal horns gave way to bamboo cups which was finally replaced with glass cups which are still used today.

Cupping Therapy – Some of Its Benefits

Cupping Therapy is deemed to have a profound effect on the body tissues up to four inches under the skin surface. This is believed to help the body cleanse itself of toxins. The process improves circulation by opening up the capillaries, arteries, and veins. It can also be used to bolster the function of the lymphatic system.

In addition, it can address issues such as varicose veins and stretch marks and also deemed to be useful for the clearing of congestion. Cupping has shown to work in relieving asthma and cold symptoms.

Cupping therapy as well as Cupping massage can also aid in eliminating or reducing pain. On the website of the Mayo Clinic, Doctor Brent A. Bauer answered a question on whether cupping therapy can help alleviate fibromyalgia pain. He said research regarding cupping therapy shows the method can help cure fibromyalgia symptoms much better than conventional medication especially if the therapy is combined with acupuncture in Cleveland.

Lots of evidence now exists showing that the use of cupping can lead to the treatment of a variety of symptoms and ailments. There are certain instances whereby the use of cupping is not recommended. These include people who easily bleed, have skin disorder, or have a high fever. For most individuals, the therapy is completely safe and should be an option they may want to try. Before attempting to diagnose or treat any disease, it is important to consult with a medical doctor first.

The modern world has now been given a facelift to traditional cupping. A South African company called Bellabaci came up with the Bellabaci Massage System for the face and body. This system and the cups in particular make it easy for just about anybody to treat their families and themselves for a range of common ailments at home naturally and affordably without the need for costly doctor’s visits and toxic medications.