Because of their way of life closely intertwined and in harmony with nature, the ancient Chinese produced healing techniques that use nothing less than the best nature offers.  One excellent example of this healing technique is acupuncture, an ancient form of treatment known to have existed for 5,000 years.

Acupuncture Bellmore is entrenched in the belief of the existence of intertwined energy vessels called meridians existing in the body where life energy called chi flows and reaches every part of the body.  One can compare the meridians to the network of nerves intertwined with each other and branching out all over the body.

Acupuncture is growing in popularity as way to lose weight.  It does not directly help a person lose weight; instead it creates conditions in the body that neutralize the factors that contribute to weight gain.  In a way, acupuncture facilitates the process of weight loss.  One major way in which acupuncture helps with weight loss is its ability to remove stress in the mind and the body.  Stress is certainly a contributing factor in many people’s reasons to eat more which causes weight gain.  People use food as a way to find comfort and loose tension of the nerves.  By removing or lessening stress in the mind and body, also takes away a major component for weight gain.

Weight loss with acupuncture involves the insertion of inserting needles at certain points of the body and the effect of this procedure is to produce and release endorphins which promote relaxing and calming effects.  Scientists have observed that besides relieving stress, endorphins also affect the digestive system, increasing its metabolic function, which is another way where acupuncture helps in the weight loss process.

Upon consultation with a licensed acupuncturist, the patient is assessed of his/her general state of health.  The tongue and stomach of the patient are checked along with pulse points.  Many times do acupuncturists apply needles at the meridians located in the mouth for treating excessive weight, particularly if the patient is a heavy smoker and/or compulsive/impulsive eater.  They also treat meridians in the stomach and the endocrine system if the patient has the tendency to eat even if he/she is already full and if the patient shows fluid retention which bloats the body and adds to his/her weight.  For excessive sugar intake, the acupuncturist targets the spleen; for water retention the thyroid is treated to raise the metabolic level of the body and for nervous and hormonal imbalances the kidneys are targeted for treatment.

Modern technology has given techniques such as electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture that optimize and quicken the therapeutic process.  The needles are left in the skin for around 20 to 45 minutes and the number of sessions will correlate with the patient’s desired weight goal.