Orlando Chinese medicine has much to offer in the treatment of hay fever, as in the treatment of eczema and asthma. All these conditions are the effect of an over-activity of the immune system, and one of the enormous strengths of Chinese medicine is in the regulation of the immune system. Recent studies have shown Chinese medicine to be effective in treating these kinds of conditions. Chinese herbal treatment is tailored to you as an individual. The practitioner will take a detailed note of your symptoms, your general health and energy levels and the things that may trigger an attack. He will then combine the treatment with an herbal formula in order to tackle the inflammation and irritation, and also to regulate the underlying imbalance in the immune system. The herbs may be prescribed as a tea or in the form of pills. In addition, your practitioner may recommend lifestyle and dietary changes. Although changes can occur fairly quickly, you may need to continue for a few months in order to get the full benefit. It is a good idea to start the treatment before the hay fever season in order to benefit fully.

Eczema on the other hand is a common condition among children and adults. It can be very distressing with inflammation and intense itching of the skin which can lead to misery day and night. The most common type of eczema is known as ‘atopic’ and is associated with asthma and hay fever in childhood. Then there are several other types of eczema which affect mainly adults. The causes of eczema are not fully understood. There is often a family history of eczema or asthma, but environmental factors (e.g. chemicals, soaps, house dust and pollens), foods and emotional stress can play an important part.

Chinese herbal medicine is excellent in the treatment of eczema, and its reputation in this field was strengthened by very good results obtained in UK trials in the early 1990s. Treatment with Chinese medicine is tailored to you as an individual. The practitioner will note your age and family history, the extent and color of the rash and the degree of dryness or weeping and itching, whether there is blistering or pus, and other factors such as quality of sleep and digestion. The characteristics of your tongue and pulse, and mental or emotional aspects are taken into consideration. The practitioner will then choose an herbal formula which may be modified during the course of treatment as the condition improves. This may be prescribed as medicine to take as teas or powders or pills or as creams or ointment. Your practitioner may also recommend certain lifestyle and dietary changes. Typically treatments may last from 3 to 6 months, but improvements can often be seen within a couple of weeks.