What is the Acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion technique?

Acupuncture actually has two operative parts – one part involves the use of needles while the other the use of fire. Both parts are correlative and essential for resolving maladies.

The treatment known as acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion uses fire for curing illnesses. And the jiu and Shen jiu (acupuncture’s Chinese name) pretty much refers to fire/ moxibustion.

Moxibustion and acupuncture are very proud inventions of the Chinese nation. Ancient Chinese texts tell about several legends that purportedly trace the origin of moxibustion and acupuncture such as Huang Di’s invention of moxibustion and acupuncture Fu Hsi’s invention of the therapeutic techniques using stone needles.

Acupuncture-Chinese moxibustion’s genesis can traced as far back as the New Stone Age. During that time, legend goes that there was a housewife who was cooking suddenly felt relief of her ache while standing near the stove’s fire. Gradually this evolved and later on, medical herbs were added to improve health and fume the body.

In moxibustion, a moxa herb or cone is burned and the burnt plant is placed in a cup. The heat in the cup forces the air out of the cup causing a “suction vortex” making the cup stick to the skin. This leads to the stimulation of the stasis of blood and a massaging effect on the patient’s internal organs.

It is important that an acupuncture Chinese moxibustion procedure be done with in a precise manner. It should target the affected meridians and acupuncture points of the body in order to cure the illness. Medicine herbs such as mashed garlic and ginger are also added as needed.

The cup is typically allowed to stay on the body for around fifteen to twenty minutes. The whole treatment plan may take multiple sessions for it to work.

People have now made improvements to these traditional methods of acupuncture Chinese moxibustion in Bellingham. These days, some practitioners now use modern acupuncture techniques like acupoint magnetotherapy, acupoint injection, electronic needle moxibustion, and microwave needle moxibustion to name a few to effect a cure.