Chinese medicine in Miami puts great emphasis on nutrition in order to foster and generate the health of the individual. There are certain foods that correspond to each organ system (including the metal, spleen, heart, liver, and kidneys) that help reinforce their respective organ system. Each of these systems plays a specific role in the functioning of the body. This article will only discuss the nutritional requirements of the kidney organ system.

In Chinese medicine, the primary role of the kidney organs system is to house life essence, maintain the strength of a person’s willpower, control urine flow, optimize the function of the brain, preserve the health of the bones, and control growth and reproduction.

In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are also very important to all the other organ systems of the body. When the kidney system is out of balance the following symptoms may arise: hearing problems such as ear disease, ear infections, and loss of hearing; bone problems especially related to the teeth, lower back, and knees.

Hair problems are another manifestation of kidney imbalance. These issues may include premature aging and graying, split ends, and hair loss. One other sign of kidney problems include severe insecurity and fear, poor development and growth, and premature ovarian failure.

In order to beef up the kidney organ system, one of the most important but interestingly, simplest thing to do is drink water. Water is the element that’s closely related to the kidneys. And so, remember to always keep your body well hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

The kidney organ system can also benefit by the consumption of salty flavored foods like kimchi (a Korean dish made up of cultured vegetables) sauerkraut, miso, tamari, seaweed, and sea salt.

To balance your salt intake, remember not to switch from table salt to sea salt or over consume salt.

Chinese medicine follows the doctrine of signatures that states foods and herbs that resemble a specific part of the body can be eaten or taken to treat conditions of that part of the body. Thus, eating kidney shaped foods (foods that resemble the shape of the kidney) order to treat conditions affecting the kidneys is recommended. Kidney shaped foods include kidney beans, black beans, and most beans.

Black and blue foods can also bolster kidney function. They include black/blue figs, black beans, mulberry, blackberry, and blueberry among others. The blue and black color is associated with the water element of the kidneys. By selecting these corresponding colors, one can reinforce the organs and the elements.

Other foods that support the kidneys include seafood like seaweed, shrimp, fish, oysters, mussels, fresh water clams and crab. Meat products like chicken, duck, duck eggs, and pork can also benefit the kidneys.

The kidneys control fertility and growth and seeds are associated with fertility and growth. This means that eating seeds such as black sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds can also help strengthen the kidneys.