Almost all of us will experience some type of body pain at least once in our lives. Pain is the sensation that tells us that there is some imbalance or disorder happening in our body caused by certain internal or external factors. Right from the Stone Age to the present day, various modalities and medicines have evolved to address several types of pain in various parts of our body. Some of the modern treatments practiced today are merely modifications of hundreds of years old therapies; nevertheless, the basic underlying principles behind them remain the same.

Cupping therapy is one such type of therapy where some of its techniques have changed a bit although the underlying principle remains unchanged. It is a treatment that was practiced in the Far East and by Arabs dating back over 3500 years ago mainly to alleviate aches and pain. The main equipments used in cupping therapy mainly are glass or plastic cups. Practitioners use the cups to generate a vacuum on a body part to boost the flow of lymph and blood through the tissues. Thousands of years, bamboo cups or animal horns were used instead of glass or plastic cups and were applied to the painful areas of the body. The heat accelerates healing in those specific areas.

Cupping therapy targets the energy channels in the body called meridians. They are invisible vessels in our body where energy travels throughout the body. They are spread across the body reaching to all organs and tissues. The energy within our body is known as chi and it normally flows in a smooth and free fashion through the meridians. If a blockage develops along a meridian, it slows down the movement of chi causing the body to experience illness and pain. Cupping is used to remove the blockage in the energy pathways restoring the normal function of the lymphatic system and enhancing the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body. It is usually performed on our back as it is believed that our back has the most number of meridians (five) in the body. Furthermore, this aids in the removal of toxins from our organs and tissues. As the vacuum creates a suction-like effect, the force penetrates deep inside the tissues and cells causing the toxins to be removed from the tissue and cells.

There are two ways to perform cupping therapy. One way is though a procedure called moving and the other way is through a procedure called stationary. The areas of treatment are first applied with oil in order to smoothly move the cups on the body. When a vacuum pump is continuously moved on the body over a large area, this method is known as moving cupping treatment. The cups are sometimes kept on a specific area without any movement for five to seven minutes. This is called the stationary procedure. Sometimes, five to six cups are simultaneously placed on different parts of the body then cyclically removed. This method is called Flash Cupping.

Once the treatment has ended, you may feel a tingling sensation deep within the body tissues. This indicates that the blood flow in your body is moving much faster than before you began treatment. It is a good idea to use essential oils just after the treatment since the oils can reach the tissues and nourish them which can lead to a healthy shining and glowing skin.

The Chinese cupping medicine therapy in Edina can provide you with so many other health benefits. It is commonly used to relieve fatigue, headache, back pain, stomach pain, and neck. It balances and regulates the hormones that helps reduce excess weight, makes your skin smooth and healthy, eliminates skin problems, treats constipation, and regulates ovulation in women. Cupping can also bolster our immune system giving us the strength and resiliency to withstand diseases.

Visit a health center that can offer you a complete treatment package if you are keen on trying this therapy yourself. You can also go online and search for a qualified practitioner near your area. Because of its many health benefits, cupping therapy is being used by more and more people from all walks of life each day.