For thousands of years, health related rejuvenation coupled with the quest for longevity has been an ongoing preoccupation for the people of China. From there, appropriate practical methods and remarkable wisdom that were successfully applied, have developed.

Chinese experts are firm that the secret to longevity is already present and has been known for many centuries rather than being unveiled in some Western laboratory somewhere.

The Nei Jing or Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine Classic written some 5,000 years ago contains entreaties to follow the balanced ways of the Five Element and the Yin and Yang Theory. To attain this, there are various, interconnected ways anyone can use.

Ancient Writings of Centenarians

Records of the Grand Historian written by Hsu Ma Chien’s have been around since 93 CE. It is a huge work, with 103 Volumes and is a reminder that the Chinese invented History as a discipline for research. The Emperors of China often requested centenarians who were brought to explain the secret to their longevity, with official written created and disseminated to inspire others!

Related commentaries and instances of such accounts of Officials and Scholars are divided into specific categories that show ‘methods’ used by Liu Zhengcai and other work of current Chinese centenarians (Rural and Urban) in the same manner. Yang Sen created a detailed and dependable, case-study based on first-hand observation of a person who had lived for more than 250 years by adhering to the techniques discussed below.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Curing more people successfully of more things for longer than other known systems and differing significanly from Western medicinal systems, without any side-effects (the track record of Chinese Qigong’s is similarly remarkable). TCM advocated tell us to eat certain food and drink recipes for health reasons and also for addressing certain ailments, based on their recipes and classified via the System of the Five Elements.

Likewise formulated based on the principle of the Five Elements theory (which rules TCM) Chinese teas, have the same longevity-inducing and health qualities. Such materials are growing in demand by the day and wholesale importation of such materials into the West may be found in the number of Chinese supermarkets opening in the cities.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy dishes recopies dishes like that for Sealwort with ‘Lean Pork Steamed with’ ‘Chinese Life Preserving Wine” that include treatment for gastritis, and coronary heart disease and also for impotence and arthritis problems that make longevity sound like a delicious prospect.

Treatment Courses for Common Old-Age Complaints and Illnesses

Treatment plans usually integrate natural herbal supplements, nutritional food, correct mind-set, teas, and relaxing exercise. These methods plus the combination of acupuncture and Massage therapy contain certain holistic positive and naturalistic qualities.

Body-Building Internal Exercises of Qigong

These exercises reinforce and build inner core to the five major muscle organs (kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, and spleen) via very popular exercise routines, some of them more than a thousand years old, and they’re appropriate for all ages. These include ‘Shi Soeii Jing’ (particularly in the form of the Five Elements, 5 Animals Play, Yi Yin Jing, and ‘Ba Duan Jin’. To help you get started you can purchase face-to-face training programs and excellent videos.


The most common result of any disciplined following of these regimes is a gradual but regular improvement. Don’t expect to get immediate results! These treatment modalities plus the growing ease with which they have become aspects of modern lifestyles would eventually become very popular in the future.

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