Chua-Ka is a Mongolian massage that’s very similar to Chinese massage (Tui Na massage). A deep-tissue massage technique, Chua-Ka is used to release trapped tension and pain in the body and to liberate the psyche of its own unique preoccupations and fears thus working on the physical along with the psychology problem.

In Chua-ka philosophy, all people are born as supple and smooth human beings. As we age, we build up deposits of painful memories and metabolic waste products which can be spiritual, mental, or physical as well as lose the elasticity in our bodies. The mind and body form a unit. Everything occurring in the body is mirrored in the mind and vice versa.

Chua-ka works by freeing the mind and body of these accumulated memories or deposits, resulting in the betterment of health and an increased sense of realization. On your initial visit, the first thing the practitioner does is to take a medical history of his client’s lifestyle, diet, and health in order to customize a treatment protocol that suits the individual needs of the client.

A typical Chua ka session will involve the practitioner applying specific thumb techniques to work at the deep tissue. Additionally, he will roll in smooth long strokes the skin of the client to allow the skin to get back some of its original elasticity and to stimulate his circulatory system. The treatment is deep, yet gentle, facilitating an overall sense of health and well-being.

Towels are utilized for warmth and comfort. Chua-ka is suited for people seeking to improve their health and self-consciousness.

Chua-ka is ideally used to treat:

 Stress related symptoms
 Pre-menstrual Tension
 Muscle pain
 Headaches and migraines
 Insomnia
 Digestive disorders
 Cellulite
 Back pain

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