Long used as a way to help the Chinese quit their addiction to opium, acupuncture Orlando is now being used to fight another substance that hundreds of millions worldwide are addicted to: nicotine.  Specific points in the body called acupuncture points are selected and inserted with ultra thin sterilized needles to combat nicotine addiction.  They are inserted in the skin painlessly by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist.  Many people are now choosing acupuncture as a way to break their cigarette smoking habit in a safe, effective, painless and natural way.

Practiced in China for over 4000 years, acupuncture is part and parcel of traditional Chinese medicine albeit a very important one.  It is widely used in the Far Eastern countries of Korea, Japan and Thailand as a modality to treat pain and illnesses.  It was introduced in the 1970’s as an alternative procedure to relieve painful conditions.  Now it is used for various medical conditions and is slowly being accepted by a wide sector of mainstream medicine.  In fact, many doctors in the United States are now practicing medical acupuncturists who offer their acupuncture service in their clinics.  Many detox programs are using it to rid the body of harmful chemicals including nicotine. Using acupuncture to quit smoking is one of the more popular benefits of acupuncture in helping an individual achieve a healthy and balanced life.

The acupuncture points selected for smoking cessation treatment are the mouth, airways and lungs among others.  The whole treatment may take several sessions depending on how severe the addiction is.  The treatment causes a weakening of the desire to smoke and makes the smell of burning tobacco unpleasant which makes it easier for the patient to quit smoking altogether.  Also, as mentioned, acupuncture cleanses the body of the toxins from cigarette smoking especially the nicotine which greatly reduces the effect of nicotine to the brain and releases the person from the desire for more nicotine intake.

The needles used for treatment are as thin as human hair and are much smaller than the needles used for vaccinations and injections.  They are non-hollow and transmit bioelectrical impulses to the nervous system to stimulate therapeutic benefits to the body and mind.

With a licensed and experienced acupuncturist, no needle sting is felt when administering acupuncture. It may seem uneasy looking at people lying down with several needles stuck in their faces.  However, if you ask those patients they would tell you how relaxing or invigorating the treatment is for them and how acupuncture has set them free from their nasty dependency to cigarette smoking.  If you can get over your primal fear of needles and allow acupuncture to help you overcome your smoking addiction, then you will find that acupuncture is a very effective, safe and painless way to break away from the nasty habit of cigarette smoking.