This article will attempt to outline the theory regarding how acupuncture Cleveland works.

Meridians or energy ley lines in the body have been properly mapped.  Each meridian exists in a pair with several acupuncture points running over its path on the skin.  The whole network of meridians or the meridian system comprises of twelve main pathways. Each pathway is dotted with numerous identified acupuncture points or acupoints.  The meridians themselves are invisible pathways although by observing the flow of energy and the stimulation of pressure or acupoints, their existence have been deduced.

One aspect of the meridian system is the specific sites, which lie upon a person’s meridian. We have called these points acupuncture points or acupoints.  Some meridians may possess several sites or points dotted along the meridians and some may have less; some acupoints are clustered closely together while others are grouped more distantly. The acupoints can be seen as gateways or access points to stimulate chi flow or vital energy inside the body.

Chi flow can be compared to a river.  A river has a beginning or a source. Its flow follows a certain direction or course that flows out eventually to the ocean.  The course of its flow will make it meander to spots that are either shallow or deep and may have points that make its flow rapid or gentle.  There are also points in the river that have vortices whose effects is to drag everything into the center of the vortex or whirlpool.  We can liken an acupoint to this whirlpool.  Acupoints are energy vortices that have the power to drag chi in or out of the energy flow of the body and enable the practitioner to externally manipulate chi flow.

Simple pressure towards an acupoint or energy vortex will effect alterations in the meridian system leading to corresponding physiological effects.  This knowledge is basically how acupuncture provides for treatment of energy imbalance.  One can experience the effects of rubbing or putting pressure to an acupoint such as the temple when having a headache and feel the pain dissipating somewhat.  Of course, with acupuncture, those headaches will completely vanish.

The needles used in the selected acupoints are not intended to cause significant pain.  In fact, it should not even cause any type of pain at all which is the case under the hands of an experienced and licensed practitioner.  Some argue that when the practitioner treats a patient the needle he/she holds conducts energy from his/her own energy system to the patient’s energy system, drawing energy from the practitioner to treat the patient.

Under a qualified acupuncturist, many conditions can be treated usually with a series of treatment sessions.  Typically, the acupuncturist would select a distal acupoint as well as some local points to treat a condition.