If you or the health of your loved one is of concern or if family relationships are not a warm as you might want, here are some ways to increase the flow of positive energy coming into your home that’s directly connected to them.

The applications of Feng Shui are practical, wide and varied and are simple, commonsensical, and even obvious. The more esoteric and mysterious aspect of Feng Shui is the understanding of the energy centers of the home known as Bagua. This knowledge is derived from The Book of Changes or I Ching.

Over a thousand years ago, the masters of Feng Shui observed that certain parts of the home corresponded to important areas of the lives of its residents. One could identify what’s going on in that area of his life when these energy centers are harmonized and adjusted. Also, by adjusting the energy centers through the placement of objects, it would help promote the stimulation of energy or chi.

An esoteric and profound study in itself, the I Ching has been continuously used for centuries as a way of divining right action. It integrates both expressions of yin and yang and is used to contemplate and study the process of inner development and change.

The part that pertains to Feng Shui involves the mapping of the energy centers of your home through the use of the Bagua Map.

We need to be aware that our homes are powerful attractors of energy that may or may not be providing what it is we really want to get into our life. When learn how to work and identify with these home energy centers, we can become consciously-aware co-creators of our experiences.

In English, the word Bagua means 8 trigrams. Those trigrams represent important aspects of our lives like creativity, fame, self-cultivation, career, love, health, wealth, helpful people, and many others. This article will talk about how to boost, activate, and identify the Family and Health areas of your home.

Family and Health Defined

The trigram associated with the Family and Health area of the I Ching is referred to as Zhen.

In some Feng Shui schools, the Family area is separate from the Health; however this article will discuss the Western Form Feng Shui School wherein the Family and Health areas are grouped together.

Family and Health is about the family as systems of support when storms or troubles come our way. It is tied to the element Wood symbolized by a tree whose roots go down deep into the ground. It pertains to good health and the guardianship of our forefather, and maintaining interior stability when confusion occurs all around us. It pertains to broken relationships in the family and their reconciliation and healing. (Family pertains to those whom you decide to be your family or a person’s biological family). It also pertains to sustenance and money on a daily basis such as paying the monthly bills. The wealth area, refers more to the ‘extras’ and luxuries in life. Family and Health is about earning enough money to buy food, pay the bills and rent, etc.

One may desire to improve this part of their home if the health of a loved one or one’s health is poor, if the relationship of a family member or a friend is strained, or if you are planning for or recuperating from a surgery. You may be having difficulties with your weight, or those associated with self-worth and self-acceptance. All things that relate to family and health would fall under this category.

Some of the Ways to Improve Your Family and Health Energy Center

The following are some Feng Shui recommendations that can help improve this vital energy center of your home. You should select objects that are most meaningful to you and put them in this area. We need to constantly remember that Feng Shui is about selecting objects that are of personal significance to you and not about putting something into your space just because some Feng Shui expert or book told you to. Chinese ‘remedies’ are not going to be as effective as the remedies you have made yourself and/or have chosen.


1. Mementos or souvenirs from the people you are concerned about i.e. such as a happy family gathering, a photo of a loved one in a healthier and/or happier healthier time, etc.

2. Family heirlooms that hold a personal or sentimental meaning to you related to the people or person of concern

3. Recorder affirmations regarding about your ideal outcome/healthplaced in a family and health box in this space. Boost this area with affirmations about your ability to support your loved ones and yourself if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Always combine affirmations with gratitude, in the present as if they’re real now; your affirmation should end with “something better for the sake of all concerned.” (A box that you love can be used as an “affirmation” box).

4. Pictures of landscapes and healthy plants. A more personal improvement would be a picture of a plant or tree that you privately love. Always keep a healthy plant in Family and Health area; this is the area where you need to have at least one, even if you can’t grow plants. (Never use a plant that is limping on any area of your home, especially the at Family and Health area). Vibrant silk or pictures of plants are good if you can’t have a live plant.

5. Fabrics, wall papers, and floral prints

6. Objects made from wood

In Feng Shui, we are taught that everything in our physical environment possesses an energy that’s moving our lives in a forward direction. By putting objects that have a positive personal significance in our physical surroundings, every time we look at it, we are sending positive energy or positive chi in that direction.

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