Shiatsu is the most popular form of acupressure therapy in the western world of all body work techniques. However, equating shiatsu to acupressure is not entirely accurate because acupressure can also entail the use of needles for applying pressure on the acupoints of the body. In Shiatsu massage, there are no needles used, rather, one uses the knees, elbows, the heels of the hands, and the feet to induce therapy.

Shiatsu is typically performed on a mat on the floor with the client remain clothed. Various acupoints along the body are pressed, and the therapist/practitioner/masseuse works along the client’s energy channels or meridians and his Ki or energy points.

Most of the time, a lot of the work is administered on the soles of the feet and other acupoints across the body that as a result can set off various therapeutic sensations.

On needs to realize that when working on someone, the therapist/practitioner/masseuse needs to be always aware of his own body. He needs to make sure that he is centered, not over reaching, and that he is coming from a place in his lower stomach. During the massage, he should maintain contact with the client at all times with one of his hands, which is known as the mother hand.

Shiatsu massage offers a lot of benefits especially when dealing with ailments such as anxiety, tension and pain in the shoulders, headaches, pain in the lower back, and fatigue.

These benefits include relief of discomfort and tension in the body, increased relaxation, and enhanced circulation. Shiatsu massage eases knots, releases tension, and brings blood to the problem area. Its other benefits include increased and flexibility as well as getting more in tune with his own body. Some folks claim that shiatsu massage has the ability to lower their blood pressure.

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