People who seek infertility treatment are looking for ways that are non-invasive and relatively affordable.  Acupuncture Orlando for infertility is both a non-invasive as well as a very affordable therapy that has a very long track record of success in treating fertility problems for both male and female.  It has in fact been used for over 4000 years in China for treating many kinds of diseases and disorders.  It is very safe to use especially when performed by a licensed and well trained acupuncturist.  Acupuncture positively addresses health problems by regulating neurohormones in the body and stimulating the central nervous system to release beneficial and pain relieving chemicals.

One of the reasons why acupuncture is useful in treating infertility is its ability to improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and endocrine system.  The organs such as the uterus and ovaries are nourished making them function efficiently.  Also the endocrine system is regulated by acupuncture. This helps in normalizing a woman’s menstrual cycle preventing amenorrhea, anovulation and irregular menstruation and increasing the chances of successful fertilization.  Blockage in the fallopian tube is not within the power of acupuncture to treat.  Surgery is probably the only effective treatment for this disorder.  It is highly recommended to consult with a physician who is also a licensed and practicing acupuncturist to be better informed of why acupuncture can be quite advantageous for you.

Male infertility such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, sperm DNA fragmentation, low libido and poor sperm motility can all be effectively addressed by acupuncture treatment.

Many people who have tried acupuncture consider it a much safer treatment than most conventional treatments around.  Acupuncture does not entail any use of medications or surgery and therefore, no possibility of adverse drug reactions will ever occur.  To be assured that one is getting a truly safe and effective treatment, one should consult with a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in infertility cases to know what procedures are involved in acupuncture therapy for infertility.  The needles used are not hypodermic needles nor are they used for vaccinations or blood transfusions.  Acupuncture needles are as thin as human hair, non-hollow and do not elicit any painful sensations when inserted into the skin.  The needles are disposable and properly sterilized to prevent the occurrence of cross infection.

Acupuncture for infertility treatment as a stand alone treatment or used in conjunction with assisted reproductive technique (ART) programs such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) is probably the best alternative treatment to achieve pregnancy.  Acupuncture benefits the body in other ways besides treating infertility by strengthening the immune system, relieving stress and helping the body get quality sleep by basically relaxing the mind and body through the release of natural painkillers known as endorphins.