Any Chinese practitioner in Bellingham who’s worth his salt would gladly tell you that the secrets to longevity’s are not about to be discovered in some laboratory; instead they have been accessible and known for thousands of years for anyone who cares to search for them diligently.

The ‘Huang Ti Nei Jing’ or the Internal Medicine Classic of the Yellow Emperor is the world’s oldest medical document dating back about 2,500 years B.C. This book contains exhortations to adhere to the theories of the Five elements and to the principles of Yin and Yang. There are various ways to achieve this.

Historical Documents of Centenerians

The 103 volumes of the Records of the Grand Historian of Su Ma Chien created in 93 CE, is a still-extant keepsake to remind the world that the Chinese invented History as a discipline for study. The Emperors of China often invited centenarians who were summoned to explain their admirable achievements, with official written documents created and disseminated to inspire others!

Samples of such related commentaries and accounts of Officials and Scholars are sorted into key classifications indicating techniques of Liu Shengcai as well as samples of current Chinese centenarians (Rural and Urban) in a similar manner. A detailed and reliable case-study led by Yang Sen was based on a first-hand observation of a person more than 250 years old by adopting the procedures described below.

Qi Gong Body-Building Internal Exercises

These exercises strengthen and build inner, skeletal and core muscle and the five major muscle organs (spleen, heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs) by well-known exercise regimens, appropriate for all ages, many over a thousand years old. These include the Yi Yin Jing and the 5 Animals Play. To help you get started, you can purchase DVD’s and face-to-face training programs offered in the market.

Chinese nutritional therapy and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Chinese nutritional therapy and TCM differs significantly from Western medicine. They’ve have had great success in healing more people of illnesses longer without unexpected side-effects than other known systems, (the record of Qi gong is similarly admirable). TCM promotes certain drink and food recipes for the treatment of certain ailments and health purposes. Chinese nutritional therapy is based in the ingredients of food, as classified through the system of the Five Elements.

Also formulated based on the Five Elements theory are Chinese teas. These drinks have similar longevity-inducing and health boosting qualities. There has been a steady rise in wholesale importation of these substances in the West and many of them can be found in several Chinese supermarkets in major Western cities.

Food therapies such as the ‘Lean Pork with Steamed Sealwort’ and ‘Life Preserving Chinese Wine” make up remedies for gastritis and coronary heart disease as well as for impotence/arthritis. This makes longevity sound like a mouthwatering prospect.

Treatment Plans for Traditional Old-Age Complaints and Illnesses.

Diets are typically a mix of teas, natural herbal supplements, nourishing foods, and a right set of mind (no matter what age) with easy exercise. Therapies have naturalistic, holistic, and positive qualities that may include allowing acupuncture and massage therapy into such dietary plans if and when needed.


Slow but sure discernible improvement over time is the most common result of disciplined of adhering to such regimens. Don’t expect immediate results! The natural qualities of these techniques as well as the rousing relaxation with which they can become part of modern lifestyles should result in their rising popularity in the future.