If you want to identify a person with vibrant heart energy, you need to determine whether he has a nourishing quality whenever he interacts with others, has a charismatic smile, and possess a bright reflection in his eyes

A person with vibrant heart energies is one who causes others around him to feel happy and uplifted. This person has a heart energy that is fully nourished and very open.

We all have heart energies emanating from our heart center. When these energies are unblocked, we are able to receive love and can reflect it most fully.

When the heart center is open, we also have a higher sense of self awareness. We are compelled to actively share, and connect with others, and seek to know our emotional states that reside in this center. Opening up of ourselves enables us to interact emotionally and intimately with others, which is essential in fostering and maintaining deep friendships and romantic relationships.

For those who have shared their heart’s essence through words or actions and got back a negative response or a lack of acknowledgment or reciprocation of the gift you shared, it is very possible to derive certain pleasure in such interactions (as evidenced by a very large number of happy people who are living love-less relationships). In terms of vibration, there is a distinct difference in people who share love and embrace emotional intimacy.

People who have heart centers that are open also have a high level of acceptance and self-love that enable them to love and trust others deeply, and thus are able to receive more love in return.

We do not fear love given to be reciprocated when we have an open heart center as we have very strong faith in our abilities to love without any ulterior motive, for true love is neither connected to an ideal that aims to lead to a long-term relationship nor it is about what we expect to get back from others.

It is simply having the courage to open one’s heart to articulate the spirit’s essence absent any expectations, only acknowledgment.

Open hearted people can therefore love without selfish attachments. They are selfless in the sense that they admit they can always improve through the experience of love even if relationships are not forged or do not last.

If we allow our heart centers to be constantly open, each time we allow ourselves to love, our heart becomes more expansive. Conversely, if we choose to close our hearts after being disappointed with love, our hearts become less capable of love.

People usually have become adapted to living with a closed heart (although I would say that this has also very good benefits, one of which is extended longevity, but I digress) that they become unaware they are holding back heart energies from themselves and others and this becomes their default and natural state.

A blocked heart energy can manifest signs that include:

1. Difficulty in empathizing with others during sad moments in life: We are connected to feelings when challenges happen when we have an open heart center.

For people whose heart center is blocked, they are disconnected with their own spiritual and emotional aspects and this makes it hard for them to feel empathy.

People living with this type of disconnect usually attempt to solve problems through an intellectual approach and may not be able to offer emotional comfort or empathy to others.

Peter is distraught as his wife for 20 years has just passed away. His neighbor, Meg, wasn’t a person with an open heart center although she considers herself a compassionate and very giving person. She becomes uncomfortable with Ryan’s grief when she visited Ryan to console him. To “console” Ryan, she asked him if helping with other tasks around the house or cooking for him would “make him feel better”.

Although he appreciated Meg’s offer, Ryan experienced her offer as not soothing and empty. What he truly needed was a friend whose heart energies would give him words of empathy that recognized his feelings, Words like “Can I just sit with you in sadness or give you a hug?” or “I can only imagine how much you’re hurting and am so sorry,” would be more preferable to him.

When others are hurting, will you respond in an intellectual manner or in terms of feeling?

2. A long list of preconditions that should be met before one can extend love and trust to others: From time to time, you will meet people with a long list of demands that anyone must meet before they can fall in love or trust others fully.

This list or lists are etched in their hearts and deem it deal breakers or red flags if people do not meet their personal checklists.

Yes, in order to trust and feel safe around someone, it is good to identify the things one needs to experience in others, and to seek those qualities proactively.

But using a checklist in order to warrant not using your heart energies or extending trust to others becomes an act of avoidance and fear on your part.

Ivan had a list of lifestyle issues, habits, and qualities which he deemed preconditions for falling in love. He would adopt a style of interview during dates, probing his dates through a series of questions to see if they possessed these qualities. If a date showed she did not hold a quality on his list, he would be careful about reaching out his heart to her.

A lot of women usually would smile and say, “Thank you for the time,” and yet would refuse to date him further or return his calls. This is a sign of a closed heart. When one has an open heart, even casual contacts become more fulfilling and lively.

Some people have felt a warm heart sensation after having chatted with a total stranger. They may experience a new understanding about whatever was discussed with that stranger whom they know they will never see again.

This is essentially the things you can experience when your heart center/energy is open. It enables us to reach out to others in a deep and profound way that a soul connection occurs.

Over the course of time, you may notice the many times you require that certain conditions be met before you genuinely reflect your heart energies on others or give yourself the chance to be a recipient of the expressions of the heart from others.

3. Challenges with self acceptance and self awareness: When we develop a blockage in our heart energies, we usually create aspects of ourselves that are hidden. When we are disconnected from our heart energies we may not be aware there is sadness, anxiety, grief, or pain in our heart.

These unseen aspects are what often generate strife in relationships. For example, we may handle our relationships in a protective manner, not committing our hearts fully to the things we are experiencing (although we still can enjoy interactions and experiences with them) if we do not realize that we are carrying the aches and pains of long ago in our hearts.

If our hearts are not truly and fully in a relationship, we may lead the person to think that we are in love and express that love insincerely and cursorily. This causes a disconnection between our behaviors and what we really feel, and this path only leads to pain on the part of the ones meeting us with an open heart because it generates an energy of imbalance.

Fostering the Open Heart

According to Taoist philosophy, the heart center can be opened by performing certain movements in the Chinese medicinal therapy known as qi gong. Also, the circulation of Qi (energy) and the nourishment of the heart can be brought about by a series of movements of the five treasures.

Understand that as your heart opens like the petals of a rose, varied emotions may be felt. Therefore, never rush the process and take it easy and slowly but allow the unfolding to occur naturally.

In order to support your journey to the vibrational elevation of your heart center, make it a point to be around family and friend who have open hearts.

The spirit resides in the heart center after all, therefore every conscious choice and breath you make to eliminate blockages in your heart raises the vibration of your soul.

Once your heart becomes expansive and fully open, it will be a natural thing to give and surround yourself with love in its many variations. People who are not interacting with you with open heart energies may gradually move away from your life allowing you to create spaces for people willing to interact with open heart energy.

Whatever path you choose, whether your heart has been wounded so profoundly that you become happy being alone or seek out a relationship with an open hearted person, each one of us deserves to experience the blissful feeling of warmth and love in our lives.