Long been used for ages as treatment and relief for many types of diseases and disorders, acupuncture Overland Park is now widely regarded in the West as a very effective treatment for infertility.  The needles used for acupuncture treatment generate health giving benefits like an improved immune system, a revitalized body and overall well-being.   Acupuncture could also improve blood flow and function of the central nervous system.  It also stimulates the release of endorphins to remove stress and take away extreme negative emotions such as depression and anxiety.  Acupuncture is often combined with various traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modalities such as Chinese herbal medicine or moxibustion to facilitate and maximize healing of the body and mind.  Acupuncture is now being recognized more and more as a great alternative medical approach to treat infertility.

How does acupuncture exactly treat infertility?  Numerous studies regarding the role of acupuncture in treating infertility have been published and most of their results point to the positive effects of acupuncture in treating infertility either as a stand-alone treatment or as a complementary treatment to enhance the success rate of other infertility procedures. Acupuncture helps improve fertility in individuals particularly females by normalizing and regulating their body functions and systems.  The needles stimulate the increase of blood flow to the internal organs such as the uterus thickening the endometrium walls and supplying the eggs with vital nutrients and blood.  This creates a better environment for egg transplantation procedures since a thickened endometrium lining increases the chance of ovulation.

Some other positives that acupuncture gives a person in treating infertility are its role in balancing the hormones and the better production of eggs.  These factors are very important for women who are undergoing infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization since they assure pregnancy without any pregnancy problems to be totally guaranteed.  Acupuncture as a stand alone treatment is used to treat spasmed tubes, polycystic ovarian syndrome and frequent miscarriages.

Male infertility such as sperm DNA fragmentation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and poor sperm motility can also be addressed with acupuncture. So, since both male and female infertility can be treated with acupuncture there is no reason why infertile couples would needlessly search for other medical alternatives to treat their condition.  Acupuncture is the only treatment they will ever need for their non-structural fertility disorders.

Couples should seek help from a licensed acupuncturist, especially those who specialize in infertility conditions to prevent unnecessary complications which can further worsen their condition and also to prevent miscarriages because of the application of needles at wrong acupuncture points.  If the female is pregnant acupuncture maybe a dangerous treatment for the unborn child.  If a woman is pregnant, it is best to seek guidance from her gynecologist before embarking on any type of acupuncture treatment.