One good thing that happens each year is that the number of people who decide to quit smoking increases.   There are some individuals who decide to quit because smoking costs too much.  Some quit because they fear its consequences to their health.  Whatever the reasons are, almost all of these potential quitters find that quitting smoking is easier said than done.  Actually smoking is considered an addiction and just like any other addiction can be very difficult to stop.  Common methods like nicotine patch or medication often do not work and may be too costly.  One great hardly mentioned natural alternative to smoking cessation is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure used successfully for millennia in treating a wide range of health conditions, even nicotine addiction.  Acupuncture for smoking cessation can give the smoker enough will power to overcome his nicotine addiction and even neutralize its withdrawal symptoms.  Acupuncture helps people to stop smoking by addressing the symptoms manifested by each patient and restores balance to the body.  The acupuncturist performs a physical exam on his patient to determine the needs of the patient and to formulate a personalized plan of treatment.

Depending on the diagnosis of the patient the number of Orlando acupuncture treatments will be determined.  A typical acupuncture treatment for smoking cessation can take 15 to 30 minutes.  The number of treatment visits of the patient is at least once a week or twice a week.   Patients who are being treated for nicotine addiction may need to undergo 4 to 6 half an hour treatments for the few initial weeks.  The degree of addiction determines the number of treatments but as the withdrawal symptoms wanes, the number of visits also decreases.

Each patient has its own unique symptoms and these will determine what type of acupuncture therapy he will undergo.  Acupuncturists will focus on certain acupuncture points in the body which may differ from patient to patient.  The acupuncturist may treat the shen men point of the body help release tension, kidney for enhancing self-control of his cravings, the master point zero for attaining homeostasis, and the lungs as well for lessening the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms.  The acupuncturist can also treat an acupuncture point in the wrist the Chinese name tim mee and the four gate points to make the patient relax and feel comfortable.

Along with acupuncture, the acupuncturist can also combine supplements and herbs to augment the results and to better give the patient a handle to his nicotine cravings.   One example of this is the acupuncturist prescribing green tea for the patient to help reduce nicotine cravings.  Some acupuncturists may give out tonics to provide hydration to the mouth and lungs which also help curtail cravings.  Herbal formulas are also given or prescribed to banish irritability and anxiety.