I take a conservative viewpoint when I say that the US society is slightly overweight as a whole.  It is not hard to see the reason why.  The computer revolution has moved some people from sitting in front of a TV set to now sitting in front of computer monitors.  We also have the proliferation of take out and fast food restaurants saddled with pounds of unsaturated fat and other god-knows-what ingredients included into their foods.  However, a more profound reason why a lot of people are overweight is that that they are battling with their subconscious – and losing.

Foods that are often not delectable and tasty are often the ones that are healthy to eat.  However, people are skilled enough to find a way to make these yucky tasting healthy foods to make them more acceptable to the taste.  Think spices and condiments that can mask the unappealing natural taste of the food that is truly good for you.

Our selection of food is likewise dependent on our mood and emotion.  Foods that can stimulate the development and release of endorphins are the ones we often crave for.  Food does affect our spirits and sometimes they can be addictive but unlike the conventional addictive substances, there is no going cold turkey on these foods.  However, a food “addict” can go cold turkey by going on a food diet by restricting the amount of food they take in.  The things you need to deal with are the stimuli that may trigger your cravings.  These can be ads by restaurants showing the foods they serve and watching people eat among others.  Food addicts more or less don’t merely eat any types of food, they eat foods that will make them happy and trigger their endorphins and sadly these kinds of food are normally filled with sugar and fat.

What role does acupuncture Miami play in helping a person control his appetite and eventually help him lose weight?  Well, acupuncture can be associated with the release of the above mentioned body chemicals called endorphins.  These are the endorphins that make us feel so good when we are eating comfort foods and foods we crave for.  Acupuncture actually can also produce this kind of physiological effect.  Just as with foods that make you feel well over after having a lousy and very trying day at the office or in traffic, acupuncture can also help you feel relaxed and pleasant after a very stressful day.  The advantage of this is that instead of looking for foods to trigger endorphin release, you can instead go for acupuncture to make you feel good without adding extra pounds and fat to your body.  This is one way acupuncture helps you to lose weight safely and healthily since it has more benefits to the body besides controlling your food addiction.