Acupuncture Miami is widely known to treat infertility.  Virility can also be enhanced with acupuncture and herbs.  Virility is often associated with male vigor and fertility.  The last 50 years though, lower sperm count and male impotency have been growing at an alarming rate.  This concern has now given male infertility attention it deserves due to the phenomenal rise of this problem.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has long been concerned with male sexual health, Chinese society being a patriarchal based society.  Environmental and nutritional conditions of the modern world have greatly affected sperm production.  Pollution directly correlates with male impotency as showed in a study of low sperm count and quality of tollgate workers compared to men working in relatively unpolluted settings who possessed double the normal sperm count of those tollgate workers.

Bad habits such as smoking and too much alcohol intake also add to the risk for male impotency.  In the modern world, exposure to radiation such as x-ray, airport scanners and even prolonged computer use can damage DNA particularly, sperm DNA.  In a study done in 2006, farmers growing and consuming organic produce have twice the sperm counts of men who consumed food bought on supermarkets and groceries, food treated heavily with pesticides and growth hormones.  On the personal dimension, high emotional tension and high stress levels also pay a heavy toll on male sexual virility substantially.

Acupuncture Miami has shown to improve both sperm count and quality on men who have issues of infertility of unknown cause. Studies showed that recorded an increase in sperm count and motility after acupuncture treatments.

To cite one, in a study published in Fertility and Sterility in 2005, researchers have found that sperm samples from men with infertility of unknown cause before and after acupuncture treatments exhibited fewer symptomatic problems in their sperm and an increase in the number of normal sperm.

Infertility for both male and female more often than not has poor kidney chi to blame.  The kidneys according to TCM, are prime organs for reproduction and sex. Kidney yin deficiency is a condition where the force that controls the fluid or water substances of the body, the yin, is in an imbalanced low state. Semen, being fluid, is a yin element and its deficiency manifests in low output.  Specific herbs, and supplements and food that provide yin energy are usually recommended for this.  Kidney yang deficiency is a condition where the yang, or fire energy is depleted. Yang energy is the force that springs the body into action. The kinetic motility of the sperm is a type of yang energy. For weak motility, herbs are introduced to invigorate kidney yang.

Acupuncture does help treat male infertility; however, to fully reinvigorate male virility, a change of lifestyle is necessary.  Cigarette smoking should cease, allow oneself not to be overwhelmed by stress and eat healthy, low fat, less acidic foods.