Losing weight has never been an easy task for most people.  For people aged 40 years and above, the body’s metabolism begins to slow down and calories become thus harder to burn.  What used to be a 10-minute workout to burn 500 calories now needs more considerable time to burn the same amount of calories.  Moreover, the body is not as resilient in physical activities at that age and thus one really needs to tough it out if one wants to maintain the weight one enjoyed during his/her 20’s or 30’s.

Some people just accept this inevitability that along with aging comes more fat and less hair.  In the case of the obese person, however, especially those in their 20’s or 30’s losing weight is a necessity in order have a good and normal social life.  Whether one denies it or not, weight is a factor in having relationships outside the family.  Obesity maybe a sign of unhealthy genes or infertility and this becomes a severe handicap when looking for a mate.  It is not surprising that many fitness centers have sprung up due to the necessity of looking good.  However, this is not bad since a healthy body means less chances of getting sick and being prone to disease.  This should be an important factor for everyone.

Many people are not into that workout thing and many of them would rather opt for a more strenuous way to lose weight.  Pharmaceutical companies have invented pep pills or anti–obesity drugs for those people in mind.  These drugs carry so many toxins that in the end, they damage organs like the liver and kidneys.  In addition, once one embarks on this program, the efficacy of the drugs diminishes as time goes by, and larger doses or stronger drugs maybe needed which carries more toxins hurting the body even more.

Acupuncture Linwood works on the principle of allowing chi, the Chinese word for life force to freely flow around the body.  Chi is the force that makes the body healthy and grow.  Sometimes due to extreme emotions, the environment, pathogens or injuries, blockages are formed along the paths where chi travels blocking chi flow.  When this happens, the body starts to fail and ailments manifest physically and psychologically.  Food craving may be due to extreme emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, frustration or disappointment.  The individual then assuages this hurt through the comfort of eating which becomes inordinate since eating becomes not a part of one’s basic need but a means to mitigate one’s pain.

Acupuncture releases endorphins, which help to mitigate the cravings and at the same time helps the patient soothe the emotional pain it is experiencing.  Many patients who have undergone acupuncture therapy come out of it not only rid of their obesity, but also gain a completely brighter outlook in life.