Most Americans drink and overeat during the holiday season only to feel sorry for themselves and make weight reduction one of their New Year’s resolutions.  However, as most New Year’s resolutions go, eventually, the spirit is not willing and the flesh gets weaker (and fatter) and after two or three months, not even a pound has been shed for those extra weight.  Many enter into diets and fitness programs that enable them a quick weight loss but leave them clueless in how to maintain their proper weight.  Then there are pep pills or herbals that “guarantee” weight loss but end up giving one negative side effects whilst not helping shed off those love handles.

People gain weight for many reasons and over indulgence in food is just one of them.  Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, slow metabolism and hormone irregularities are some typical reasons.  How does one really lose weight?  Through exercise and dieting.  Another factor to consider is acupuncture.  People who have successfully lost and maintained their desirable weight discovered that acupuncture coupled with a weight loss program is a very good way to lose weight and maintain one’s ideal weight.  Acupuncture Bellingham is effective in losing weight because it regulates energy flow going and coming from the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls hormones.  The hypothalamus controls a lot of bodily functions:  it controls body temperature and hunger, controls thirst and regulates hormones.

How does acupuncture fit in to all of this?  Studies have validated that that acupuncture therapy can directly have an effect in the body’s hormones that are responsible for obesity, particularly the hormones that manage hunger and control metabolism and fat storage. Acupuncture can help the body curb appetite, absorb nutrients better, improve digestion, regulate hormones responsible for obesity, enhance body metabolism and control cravings as well as help the body process, break down fats and lipids, and improve the liver function.  It also improves the function of the muscles in the stomach, especially the soft muscles, which makes people easily sense that they are sated.

It is not hard to integrate acupuncture with one’s specific exercise regimen as long as one consults with a qualified acupuncturist.  Commonly, acupuncture for weight loss is a 10-session treatment and is included with a weight loss program.  The acupuncturist who has a patient who is under another weight loss program should be aware of the nutrition modifications of the patient so he/she can determine what type of acupuncture technique to use for the patient.  Acupuncture can also be incorporated in a medication weight loss program with the primary aim of taking away the harmful toxins of the medicines so as not to cause side effects.  However, exercise, diet and acupuncture are the best natural combinations for losing weight.