Liver wind, in TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, partly refers to liver to pain and also to jerks, shaking, spasms, or seizures and other uncontrolled movements in Parkinson`s. It also corresponds to pain such as fibromyalgia that travels from one body area to another. Used for hundreds of years to keep seizures such as grand mal away and reduce pain, Corydalis Yan Hu Su accomplishes this by helping control liver wind and moving the blood. This TCM way of managing pain has long been used in Eastern cultures more so when other herbs complement the Corydalis to the affected part of the body.

This effect has been investigated by drug companies and as expected, their response is one of jealousy. They have attempted to isolate the essential active ingredient and create a synthetic drug that they will patent and make money out of regardless if it safe to use or not. These are their findings:

The root of corydalis Yan Hu Su has an active compound known as THP or dl-tetrahydropalmatine. It was tried on how it affects amygdala development that was electrically kindled, which was meant to mimic the effects of seizures on the brain. An ultrasonic machine was used to measure the vertical motion of the seizure activity. To prevent the occurrence of kindling, an Injection of THP intraperitoneally half an hour before the everyday kindling stimulus was applied.

The motion responses that usually occur during electrical kindling and the score for behavioral seizure decreased below their original values. This indicates that when applied to rats that were electrically kindled, THP is an extremely effective anticonvulsant and antiepileptogenic agent.

However, when dl-tetrahydropalmatine is isolated, it turns toxic and may result in liver disorders such as hepatitis. It never occurred to these companies that Mother Nature didn’t intend these chemical compounds hidden in certain plants to be extracted just like that. There is a certain way that corydalis Yan Hu Su can be safely used. This is how it’s done:

Create a gram of corydalis crystal extract from 5 grams of raw herb. The crystal can then be easily dissolved in any liquid and processed with alcohol and natural water using low heat and organic fresh cordyalis.

Added to the herbal formulas He Shu Wu and Tien Ma Guo Teng, Corydalis has been successfully used to treat Parkinson`s when it’s boiled daily and taken as water tonic. But, it is also tastes bad and patients may find it difficult to prepare. The TCM protocol presently followed for treating Parkinson`s disease is to take 2 grams of corydalis two times a day in a five to one ratio extract powder combined with He Shou Wu (in liquid or powder extract)and Tien Ma Guo Teng Wan which is an herbal pill formula taken for the rest of the patient’s `s life.

Besides seizures and pain, Corydalis along with other herbal formulas, has been used for centuries for the management of pain to affected parts of the body.

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