Smoking cessation is probably the most important decision you can make.  Permanently stopping from smoking has so many benefits not only in terms of health but socially as well.  If you need something to do to replace this habit do something positive like playing, joining in healthy activities, meditating, writing, listening to music, learning to play a musical instrument, etc.) If you think you can do more than permanently kicking the smoking habit then by all means do it or them.  One great recommendation is to start eating a great nutritious meal always. You can eat brown rice, sprouts, lean meats, yams, lots of leafy green vegetables, beets and bell peppers.  And then to go further in a more positive direction, you can bike, practice yoga, jog or even dance especially if your partner loves to dance.  You’ll be both doing you and your partner a great favor.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dairy products create dampness in the body.  The dampness usually causes extra weight.  There may be dairy products such as goat milk that have less damp qualities as cow’s milk; all the same they still create dampness in the body. However, if you think you can’t live without dairy products, you can use a small amount of grated cheese, made from goat milk in your diet.  For people experiencing abdominal distention and discomfort, eating strawberries can help you get over that condition.  Anemic individuals can boost heir red blood cell levels by eating dark leafy vegetables, organic meat, black sesame seeds, black beans and beets in their meals.  Interestingly chrysanthemum flowers have therapeutic qualities known to be effective against tinnitus.  Therefore, drinking tea made out of chrysanthemum flowers is great for those who have tinnitus.

For allergies or mild cough, take a teaspoonful of local honey two times a day and allow it to stay at the back of the throat to dissolve. Honeybees in your area eat and process the pollens around your area and if you can take the honeys of those honeybees that can help get rid of your allergies.  Furthermore, honey has a quality that coats the throat from irritation and friction.  If one has severe bronchitis, one can eat cored Asian pears that have been steamed for half an hour and added with local honey.  One way not to catch colds during winter or cold or rainy weather is to wear a scarf that protects the occiput which in TCM is known as the “Wind Gate”.

If you are living a life of constant stress, the best thing you could do for yourself is to change the lifestyle that gives you that stress.  Live a life that was meant to be lived by everyone, a happy and contented one.

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