Women are often plagued with the undesirable effects of menopause. Fortunately, there are a lot of remedies readily available for this problem. They range from hormone replacement therapy and other conventional medications to more alternative natural treatments. Women adversely affected by menopause should closely study all possible treatments, and select the ones that they are comfortable using. Several medical studies have already been done looking at the efficacy of these treatments and the potential risks in using drugs and herbs to manage or treat the symptoms of menopause.

An herb called licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is one of the most commonly used natural remedies for menopause. This herb is known to have immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Many traditional herbalists have been using it against the adverse symptoms of menopause. Symptoms such as depression, fatigue, and headaches associated with menopause are reduced with use of this herb. Licorice is a plant that grows in a lot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries and its powerful medicinal qualities have shown it to be a reliable remedy for various types of health problems not related to menopause. In ancient Egypt, licorice was used for the common cold and several forms of illnesses.

This herb is an ideal remedy for menopause. During menopause, the woman’s body no longer produces estrogen. Licorice has been shown to naturally replace the estrogen lost due to menopause. However, the type of estrogen found in the licorice plant is not human estrogen but are plant derived although are still helpful to menopause sufferers. When estrogen levels rise in a woman in menopause, it helps lessen her hot flashes and other symptoms associated with low hormone levels.

Licorice needs to be converted into digestible form in order for it to be used as a remedy for menopause. It is available as teas, pills, and chews. Licorice candy cannot help relieve the symptoms of menopause because it does not contain any of the licorice plant. This candy is mostly sugar and flavored with an ingredient called anise which is responsible for giving licorice candy its distinctive flavor.

To treat menopause symptoms, drink a cup of licorice root each day. Women taking drugs for high blood pressure or those who have high blood pressure should not take any form of licorice product. The plant is known to elevate blood pressure that could be potentially dangerous to anyone with high blood pressure. Licorice can also cause water retention and also has properties that help relieve constipation. Taking the herb can result in more than normal bowel movements. Before taking licorice supplements consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.


Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.