One of the most unique ways for lowering high blood pressure is acupuncture, a Chinese medicine type of treatment that has been practiced in East Asia for thousands of years.  High blood pressure is a condition wherein blood begins to exert pressure on the heart chambers, veins, and the arterial walls.  Over a certain length of time, the strong rush of blood over the blood vessels begins to damage the lining of these blood vessels as well as result in arteriosclerosis, which is a state wherein the arteries begin to harden.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

The symptoms of high blood pressure are usually acute in nature. These symptoms include emotional instability, short temper, depression, intestinal problems, insomnia, nose bleeding, breathing difficulties, restlessness, severe headaches, nervousness, flushed face and sudden dizziness. High blood pressure is usually diagnosed when a person’s normal blood frequently rises. Muscle weakness, weakened eye vision, and frequent urination are other physical symptoms of high blood pressure.

Electro-acupuncture treatments

High blood pressure can be decreased by using electro-acupuncture or electric stimulation. A study that experimented on the effects of acupuncture added with electric stimulation to the needles in the lowering of high blood pressure was conducted for the first time. Without the electric stimulation, acupuncture needling on the inside of the forearm right above the wrist, were ineffective; once low frequency electric stimulation was added the acupuncture treatment started to effectively lower blood pressure.

A comprehensive study on acupuncture reveals that the needling process stimulates brain cells resulting in the releasing of neurotransmitters that often increase the activities of the heart.  The needling of the leg , forearm or wrist helps cure high blood pressure. The needling of these body parts help release opioid chemicals in the brain and lessens excitatory reactions of the cardiovascular systems. The heart then eventually lowers its activity which then results in less consumption of oxygen by the body. This lowers blood pressure as well as leads to the healing of other cardiovascular conditions such as hypertensions and myocardial ischemia.

Other acupuncture procedures that lessen high blood pressure

You can avail of herbal formulas such as Shan, Hsia, Prunella (Hsia, Ku Cao), and Gastrodia Rhizome (Tyan Ma) to cure your high blood pressure. To get better results, the juices of these herbs should be injected into the blood.

One safer, natural and unique type of acupuncture therapy to cure high blood pressure can involve the pressure exertion on the part between your index finger and thumb skin on the back of your hand.