We’ve been lately getting a lot of emails from people anxious about the health status of their relatives. In order to help the ones they love, these people strove to find some clues from Chinese astrology. Generally speaking, Chinese astrology is a system based on the Five Elements theory (Earth, Fire, Wood, Water, and Metal). Unfortunately, this has not given us enough clues to analyze a person’s health as modern Western medicine can. However, Chinese traditional astrology theory may be able to help one assess a person’s health status. Individuals basically suffer from a health problem when their Five Elements are way out of balance or if their Five Elements have a fierce combative relationship.

So, the first thing we need to know is what our Five Elements is within the Birth Chart of Chinese Astrology. If our Five Elements’ scores are not equally distributed, this means that our Five Elements are not in balance. When our score is 60 or less, then the element is extremely weak. If our score exceeds 180, the element is considered very strong. People whose elements are either too strong or too weak are more likely to suffer from a health problem.

When will a health issue occur? This answer can be determined from the Chinese astrological Yearly Cycle and 10-year Major Cycle. The scores or combinations (scores) of the Five Elements change when the Five Elements of Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle combine with the Five Elements of the Birth Chart resulting in the rise of a new relationship of the Five Elements. A disease related to that element can occur when that element gets injured or hurt.

The chart below shows the relationship between the organs of the human body and the Five Elements. The same techniques are used in Chinese herbal medicine to help provide patients with the right treatment.

Element: Earth
Organ: Muscle, Mouth, Abdomen, Spleen
Body system: Digestive
Emotion: Worry

Element: Fire
Organ: Blood, Tongue, Small Intestine, Heart
Body System: Circulatory/Cardiovascular
Emotion: Happy

Element: Wood
Organ: Tendon, Eyes, Gall Bladder, Liver
Body System: Nervous
Emotion: Anger

Element: Water
Organ: Bone, Ears, Bladder, Kidneys
Body System: Urinary/Excretory
Emotion: Fear

Element: Metal
Organ: Skin, Nose, Large Intestine, Lungs
Body System: Respiratory
Emotion: Sadness

The Birth Chart of Chinese Astrology can also provide us clues that can help locate the disease. The head is connected to the Year Column. The chest is connected to the Month Column. The abdomen is connected to the Day Column. The legs or stomach are connected to the Hour Column. The left side of the body is connected to the Month and Year Column. The right side of the body is connected to the Hour and Day Column. The skin or front side of the body is connected to the Stem of the Birth Chart. The internal organs or back side of the body is connected to the Branch of the Birth Chart.

For practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, there are essential clues to find the correct cures for chronic illnesses. For health-keeping professionals, there are also vital clues that can help maintain the health of a person. For acute conditions, most people would prefer seeing a western medical doctor. In most cases, the physician can locate the root cause of the illness and then provide the proper treatment for the patient. Unfortunately, there is no cure-all medicine for every disease. Occasionally, the life of a patient is threatened due to incorrect diagnosis or because of late diagnosis. This can be the time to use Chinese astrology to determine the state of the patient’s health.

If a Birth Chart in Chinese astrology has a lot of Separation and Hurting relationships, the person may likely become easily sick. When the Day Master’s weak element meets strong Child Stars and Career Stars from the astrological cycles, the person may then suffer from a wide variety of pressures that could affect his or her health. If the Birth Chart has a Lucky Element that is destroyed by the adversarial elements, then the illness can turn deadly. If Branch Fighting relationships and Stem Fighting relationships exist everywhere in the Hour, Day, Month, and Year columns, the Birth Chart can then collapse. The theory of Chinese astrology can give patients a clue on where to find the right physician. However, it doesn’t provide any forthright treatment information that could help the person recover from his/her illness. So, whenever there is illness, we should see a doctor, and not seek answers from astrology.

No one cannot guarantee a person’s survival If he or she has a deadly disease like cancer. Based on cancer statistics, a person suffering from pancreatic cancer has a survival rate of about six percent after five years, a 15 percent rate of survival for people with lung and liver cancer, and a 28 percent chance of survival for people with stomach cancer. We often hear about people having only three to six months to live after being diagnosed with cancer. Most of us will be extremely shocked or even afraid or angry when the time comes for the doctor to tell us that the cancer is in its last stage.

If a verdict has been announced by the doctor, then that means there is no medicine that can save the life of the patient based on the doctor’s medical knowledge. However, some people manage to survive for or even longer than six months. Some of them have chosen to follow alternative treatments that can complement their conventional cancer therapies. Most of the time, these treatments include – changing one’s entire living habits, spiritual support, pain management, mental therapy, fitness exercise, and a special nutrition diet.

A couple of worthy alternative supplementary therapies are recommended for people with cancer. Patients are required to continue with the treatments recommended by their doctors.

Ping Shuai Gong

One extremely easy exercise invented by Feng-Shan Li, a Taiwanese Qi-Gong master, is Ping Shuai Gong. This exercise has been practiced by many people in over 45 countries around the world. Ping Shuai Gong can be performed for thirty minutes each day and it’s an exercise that can help maintain a person’s health. The body begins to get back its self-healing abilities after an hour of exercise. If the exercise is increased to up to an hour and a half to two hour each day, after just two months, it can lead to miraculous results. Ping Shuai Gong has been known to cure a lot of illnesses including cancer and in Taiwan, has reported to have a number of reported successful cases.

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